February initiates the final countdown of Pokemon’s anniversary!

Photo: Pokemon Day logo. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International
Photo: Pokemon Day logo. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International /

Pokemon’s 25th anniversary is drawing near. What do you think trainers are most excited about?

The countdown for the Pokemon anniversary started during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade showed the graphic to celebrate 25 years of the franchise. As the calendar turns to February, we are now counting down the weeks and days before fans of the infamous franchise hear some sort of announcement from the creators. An exciting time indeed, for the 20th anniversary had plenty to offer in 2016; there should even bigger surprises to hold in 2021. As fans dispute and ponder what can only be announced for the next live stream broadcast on Pokemon’s official YouTube channel, one can only imagine what rumor is true and what to hold their breath in the expectations that are going to be met. After staying current with all the rumors being discussed, the Viridian Forrest will make their best predictions on what will be announced by the Pokemon Company. We have ranked the level of priority that builds up the excitement of possibilities.

5. Special Anniversary Mystery Gift Pokemon

When the physical date of the anniversary arrives, on February 27th, there should be the initial distribution of special Pokemon being given out via Mystery Gift. Throughout the entirety of 2016, every month there was a Mystery Gift to receive a Mythical Pokemon. These Pokemon were from five generations of Pokemon, and they were exclusively rare to collect in each installment of the game. With these special Pokemon as the last benchmark for a free incentive for trainers to collect, what is the next major possibility for trainers to hold in expectation? One can make the fair prediction of anniversary Kanto starters that have the ability to Dynamax and have special moves in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Since this series has limited Pokedex space, not every possibility is a guarantee…unless the creators loaded a patch update that finally enabled the National Dex for the anniversary.

4. A new Pokemon movie to be distributed worldwide

Along with exclusive Pokemon to be distributed via Mystery Gift, there is one special situation that will certainly guarantee that incentive. This year will have the international release of Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle. The twenty-second installment of films in the franchise, the film will be the latest cinematic adventure that features Ash Ketchum and Pikachu. The star Pokemon that is featured in this film is Zarude, the rogue monkey Pokemon that is another Mythical Pokemon. When the film was released in Japan last year, fans that purchased tickets for the movie were able to receive a digital code to download Zarude to their copy of Pokemon Sword or Shield. With the inevitability that the film will be released this year, the same opportunity can be seized by trainers everywhere. After all, how does one “catch ’em all” without claiming their special Zarude from Secrets of the Jungle?

Photo: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company
Photo: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.. Image Courtesy The Pokemon Company /

3. The long-awaited sequel of Pokemon Snap

Everyone likes to reflect in nostalgic moments when celebrating an anniversary year of any event. Pokemon Snap has to be a staple of being one of the most popular spin-off games that were in the early years of the first generation Pokemon games. Now in 2021, a bigger present is in store for fans that enjoyed playing the classic photo-taking game with the sequel to the original in the New Pokemon Snap. Another installment to the Nintendo Switch, the New Pokemon Snap will feature more Pokemon than before after only having the first 151 from the first generation. It will be exciting to explore new terrains and land masses that include Pokemon from all of their natural habitats. The New Pokemon Snap will be available April 30, 2021, and is already available for pre-order for trainers everywhere!

2. Pokemon Go is celebrating their anniversary too!

It is getting pretty close to Super Bowl time and everyone remembers one thing more than the game and halftime performance: the commercials. During Super Bowl L, there was a commercial that expressed trainers to #TrainOn and gets ready for the surprise that awaited them that summer. After five years, Pokemon Go has been one of the most popular mobile games that trainers enjoy playing on their phones. With both major anniversaries going on, Pokemon Go definitely will be a part of the celebration with one of the biggest events before the physical Pokemon Red and Green release anniversary. On February 20th, Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto will be an all-day event where dedicated trainers can gather as many Pokemon from the Kanto region. It will be just like when the app was first released for trainers. Special in-game field research is planned for these participants that take place. For more information, check out all the details on the official Pokemon Go blog website.

1. Will there be a special-edition Pokemon game released for the anniversary?

Sword and Shield
Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass Key Art. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International, Nintendo /

The number one rumor that is on every Pokemon fan’s mind since the latest installment of the games in the franchise; will there be a special Pokemon game released during the anniversary? Fans have argued different predictions from the remaster of generation four for the Nintendo Switch to the possibility of a ‘master collection’ that will feature older generation Pokemon games. The possibility of the former looks more realistic due to the fact generation three was already released on Nintendo 3DS with generation six. The idea of a master collection comes to the belief that Nintendo will give Pokemon the same treatment they did for Super Mario 35th anniversary, which released the Super Mario All-Stars series and included games from prior Nintendo gaming systems. Due to the fact that the first and second generation can still be purchased in the virtual store on the Nintendo 3DS, it does not seem like a possibility. Still, a special-anniversary game being announced will be just as exciting for trainers to look forward to.

Do you agree with our countdown list? There has to be something on this that a Pokemon fan can definitely get excited for! Be sure to leave a comment on this recent entry below.

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