Master Collection? Addressing rumors of an anniversary Pokemon game


Pokemon fans across the internet have been stirring about a special collector’s edition of Pokemon to be released for the Nintendo Switch. Rumors of a Master Collection are heating up, but nothing is official from Gamefreak of Nintendo.

As the anticipation of Pokemon announcing their 25th-anniversary celebrations with trainer loom for the year 2021, rumors have already flooded the Pokemon community. Predictions of what games will be released have been argued and contested since the beginning of last year and post the release of the DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield. With the recent celebration of Nintendo celebrating 35 years of Super Mario, there was some special attention given to the face of the franchise; including the limited release of the Super Mario All-Stars collection game for the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon fans truly believe they will have a release like this to commemorate their anniversary, but with no official word from Nintendo or Gamefreak, it almost seems like wishful thinking.

Right now, on countless fan forums, blogs, podcasts, etc. fans of Pokemon truly believe that they will receive the same treatment that Super Mario was given with a spin for their series. The rumors circulating have given the detail that Nintendo will release a “Master Collection” for Pokemon that will be exclusive for Nintendo Switch. There is good faith that this Master Collection will feature three separate generations of Pokemon on two separate versions so that fans can experience them just like any other version. On one version, it will feature the versions of Pokemon Red, Gold, and Ruby; and the other will feature Pokemon Blue, Silver, and Sapphire. Where the idea that this is an exceptional idea for Nintendo to take advantage of, it seems unlikely that any of these games will be available when the first two generations are available on the Nintendo 3DS via the Virtual Counsel; and the third generation was remastered for the Nintendo 3DS as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Granted that making new copies will be targeted to individuals that have a Switch and not a 3DS; it does not seem likely with the main concept of Pokemon Home just recently released within two years.

Another flaw in this argument is undervaluing the idea that all three of those generations came with special edition versions that were just as, if not popular as the separated versions that included Pokemon from both copies per generation. Marketing a third installment of the Master Collection is something that fans are undervaluing, knowing well that a Switch copy that will include Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, and Emerald would be just as significant for Nintendo to take advantage of. In addition to those games, the special edition version was abandoned entirely during generation five, and why games were either given sequels or different versions of the game. The nostalgic feeling of these games would be great to experience for Pokemon fans everywhere, even if a Master Collection included three copies versus two.

The reality of what can be held in expectation for games that will most likely come out are remaking for generation four, due to the fact that it fits the pattern of being a new game on a new generation system. As stated before, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were remakes of generation three on the prior system on the Nintendo 3DS. With the Nintendo Switch being both a home and handheld counsel, it should be greatly considered that this is the next game introduced. The initial release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was released in 2006 in Japan, a whopping fifteen years that fans would love to see remastered with the latest optics on the Nintendo Switch. In addition for more evidence that it is the next game to be released, there was not a great deal of Pokemon from the Sinnoh region available in Galar for Pokemon Sword and Shield; only meaning that those Pokemon will appear once more with remastered versions of these games.

Another huge possibility that could be in the works is the sequel to the first Pokemon installment on the Nintendo Switch with the Let’s Go series. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee were popular releases that reflected the playing style of the popular app Pokemon Go. With another remastered concept of Kanto for a new generation of Pokemon fans to experience from this playing style, what is stopping Nintendo and Gamefreak from doing the same thing for the Let’s Go series to continue in Johto? If there was any game worth surprising fans over during an anniversary year of Pokemon, this would just be fantastic additions for trainers to enjoy. Also case and point, the timeline events in the Pokemon universe take place at the same time between generation two and four; if this is a celebration year for Pokemon, why can’t fans get the maximum enjoyment from games possible with these games being available for fans?

There is nothing anticipated for a new Pokemon game promised on the Nintendo Switch outside the awaited sequel of New Pokemon Snap. A celebrated spin-off of the core series, this sequel is over twenty years in the making that Pokemon fans are more than excited for. There could even be more spin-off games that fans should anticipate seeing being advertised for this year, including Pokemon Unite which was announced to have cross-play with iOS and Android systems for the game to interact between mobile players and the Nintendo Switch. Pokemon Unite has been cited to be like League of Legends meets Pokemon for a team play battle; it would be more interesting if Nintendo took advantage to make more crossover games outside of Super Smash Bros. Pokemon is sharing its anniversary with the Legend of Zelda this year, a franchise that is celebrating 35 years with Nintendo. How interesting would it be to see a once in a lifetime crossover anniversary game between Pokemon and the Legend of Zelda?

With nothing in stone, and Nintendo keeping everything on the down-low, trainers will anticipate the first announcement the company will have with Gamefreak when it comes to the actual anniversary of Pokemon. Fans should be seeing the first announcements in February, the month that holds the physical date of the anniversary on Feb. 27th. Whether if it is Master Collection games or generation four remakes for Sinnoh, fans will hold their criticism for what new Pokemon games await them to celebrate the anniversary.

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