Screenshot tour: The best and worst moments in gaming from 2020

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons
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From “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”
Me and Coco Out by the Front Yard

Animal Crossing: New Horizon gives way to a lot of awesome photo opportunities and cute moments but a guaranteed one is to call the precious gem Coco to your island. This bizarre bunny walks around your island guaranteeing every moment with her in it is a guaranteed masterpiece.

Skater XL review
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From “Skater XL”
Phony Hawk’s Faux-Skater

Couldn’t really pick one for this game. I used to skateboard back in the day so when we had a chance to review Skater XXL I jumped at the chance. I never realized that this would be the last time I’d ever successfully jump that week. I spent a total of 12 hours working on reviewing the game. I went to every stage and I practiced moves over and over again. Eventually, I found out weird ways to destroy the human body and that was it. This screenshot is in memories of all the virtual avatars I killed trying and failing at that game.

From “Pokemon Shield”
A Diamon in the Rough, and an Opal Playing Rough

One of the cool things that Pokemon’s Crown Tundra DLC gave us was the Galarian Star Tournament. In it you team up with one of the famous trainers from the game and engage in two-on-two battles against the game’s other famous trainers and leaders. My favorite part is the fact that you get to witness these characters interacting with each other. One of the best moments was when I went up against a team of former Dark Leader Piers and former Fairy Leader Opal. While discussing what to do with their new free time being retired it quickly took a turn when Opal starts aggressively hitting on Piers leading to this line.

Arcade Spirits
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From “Arcade Spirits”
It’s No Surprise to Me, I Am My Own Worst Enemy

When I first went into reviewing Arcade Spirits I was excited because it promised me the chance to relive the world of arcades at their peak, something I, admittedly, miss a bunch. But what I didn’t realize is how much I’d relate to the main character. My character couldn’t stay at a job or stay happy or stable. Much like me. And at a part in the game where I got pulled into a Polybius machine, I encountered a “Shadow Eric” that…damn well knew every insecurity I have in real life. This was a super memorable moment in gaming for me.