Screenshot tour: The best and worst moments in gaming from 2020

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Coffee Talk
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From “Coffee Talk”
Don’t (Coffee) Talk to me Until I’ve Had my Coffee (Talk)

For real, Coffee Talk is exceptional. I used to own a coffee shop years ago and it was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done in my entire life and it’s something I miss monthly. Coffee Talk, despite taking place in a universe with mythical creatures and aliens, was a dead-on experience to what it was like working behind the counter, gaining regulars and watching those regulars one day interact and form relationships of their own. Every single screenshot I’ve ever taken of this game immediately relaxes me on site.

From “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”
I Want to Believe…and Also Sleep

This one was a weird one. People kept telling me about the alien in Animal Crossing: New Horizon and I wanted to see it and experience it for myself but the problem is twofold. One: The alien in Animal Crossing: New Horizon only shows up at 3:33 AM. Two: I absolutely refuse to change my Switch’s internal clock. I refuse. So, despite the fact my kids and I all had to get up at 7 AM the following day, I set my alarm clock for 3:20 and slept with my Switch next to my bed. I woke up, barely remembered what I was supposed to be up for, and then set about to capture an alien, and succeeded. As an added bonus, being tired and delirious helped make the whole thing terrifying.

PS4 headset on Nintendo Switch
PS4 headset on Nintendo Switch /

From “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA Mega Mix”
Dance Like Readers are Watching

Screenshots are an interesting thing when games don’t have photo modes. Especially when it comes to rhythm games. Rhythm games require you to keep your head in the game and focus on the music so the click of a screenshot button can throw you off, especially when you’re, like me, obsessive with rhythm games and completely get into the zone. It made me really happy that somehow, despite my limitations, I was able to get a picture during a song that looked really cool and dramatic.

Monster Prom: XXL
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From “Monster Prom XXL”
Wearing Your Heart on Your Tentacles

For those of you not in the know, Monster Party XXL is a dope party game for adults made more accessible when it launched on the Nintendo Switch. In the game, players each take the role of a student in a Monster High School where they must take turns finding a date to the Monster Prom and, more than likely, failing horribly. One of the love interests is the Otaku Zoe who is C’thulu like Eldritch Deity who got bored with immortality and decided to rebirth itself as a teenage girl. She’s also the best and has a list of demands for any potential suitor making this bizarre exchange a bit memorable and a great way to capture the feeling of the entire game in a single screenshot.