MLB The Show 21: What to expect from February’s news

SIE San Diego Studio
SIE San Diego Studio /

The first bit of official news surrounding MLB The Show 21 will be shared in February. Sony San Diego Studio shared the announcement on social media, giving baseball fans everywhere something to look forward to next month — other than the start of Spring Training.

February is a little late to be getting our first news for MLB The Show 21. Typically we get our first look at the year’s new baseball game in January but there are probably a few good reasons as to why this year’s news is coming in a little late.

For starters, there’s the global pandemic going on which has no doubt caused plans to shift. There’s also the fact that this could very well be the first time MLB The Show is released on more than just PlayStation platforms. If you recall in 2019, it was announced that as part of the multiyear extension agreement between Sony, Sony San Diego, MLB and MLB Players Association, MLB The Show would expand to additional console platforms beyond PlayStation “as early as 2021.”

Nintendo of America responded to that announcement, suggesting the Switch will likely be included. And I can’t imagine the world’s best baseball sim won’t also be coming to Xbox as well.

So it’s possible that with the pandemic coupled and all these additional platforms, Sony San Diego just needed a bit more time to get everything in order. Besides, it’s not like the news is coming after Opening Day. February 27 is only the start of spring training and the MLB The Show games don’t typically release until March anyway. If anything, maybe it’s a little delayed and it launches alongside Opening Day in April.

As for what February’s news will entail, I’m going to assume it will include a world gameplay reveal trailer that teases a bunch of new features that will only be made clear in a follow-up trailer rewind from Sony San Diego. At least that’s the format they used with MLB The Show 20. All of these new features will likely be expanded upon in subsequent videos released up until MLB The Show 21 launches.

We’ll also probably get to see who will grace the cover of this year’s game. My money is on Fernando Tatis Jr. The Padres shortstop is one of the rising stars in the league and is coming off an impressive sophomore season.

I’m also hopeful that we get confirmation as to which platforms MLB The Show 21 will be released on along with an actual launch date.