GameStop: PS4 trade-in value towards a PS5 or Xbox Series X

Looking to trade in your PS4 through GameStop to purchase a PS5? Here’s how much the retailer is willing to give you.

The PlayStation 5 is right around the corner and once it arrives, it will probably render your PlayStation 4 useless. After all, with many PS4 games supported on the PS5 via backward compatibility, there’s really no reason to keep your older console anymore. So you might as well sell it and try to recoup some money while you still can.

With a November 10 release for Xbox Series X and November 12 for PlayStation 5, the time to maximize the value of your PlayStation 4 is running out. Here are the current trade-in value rates GameStop is offering for the various PlayStation 4 consoles. There’s no real next-gen trade-in bonus offered and GameStop doesn’t care if you’re trading in your PS4 for a PS5 or Xbox Series X.

  • PlayStation 4 Black 500GB: $100 store credit / $80 cash
  • PlayStation 4 White 500GB: $100 store credit / $80 cash
  • PlayStation 4 Destiny 4: The Taken King LImited Edition 500GB: $100 store credit / $80 cash
  • PlayStation 4 Slim Black 500GB: $130 store credit / $104 cash
    PlayStation 4 Slim Black 1TB: $140 store credit / $112 cash
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Black 1TB: $175 store credit / $140 cash
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Glacier White 1TB: $175 store credit / $140 cash
  • PlayStation 4 Pro Star Wars: Battlefront II 1TB: $175 store credit / $140 cash

You’ll notice they offer more if you take store credit for your trade-in. That’s because they want you to purchase consoles and games through them, so there’s a bit more incentive. Also, the only real difference in value stems from the size of the hard drive, not necessarily the color or “special edition” variation.

Honestly, if you’re looking for cash, you’ll get the best value through third-party seller sites/apps like Offer Up or Facebook Marketplace. These are local options though and may require a bit more patience and possibly some haggling. It might also require that you meet the person you’re selling to face to face.

That’s one of the perks about GameStop. Although the value is lower, there’s really no hassle involved. It’s quick and easy.

Unfortunately, these values are only going to decline more as we get closer to the PlayStation 5’s launch so if you’re looking to get the most value through GameStop, you’ll want to pull the trigger quickly. That may mean going a few weeks without a PlayStation console as the PS5 doesn’t release until November 12. And, if you haven’t already pre-ordered and secured one, there’s a chance you’ll have to wait even longer.