ROCCAT reveals three new versions of the Vulcan keyboard


The ROCCAT Vulcan keyboard got three new versions to suit PC gamers tastes and needs, two of which feature all-new Titan Optical Switches.

In addition to revealing the Elo series of PC gaming headsets this month, Turtle Beach’s German-based PC brand, ROCCAT, revealed brand new Titan Optical Switches and three different versions of their Vulcan keyboard series.

The keyboards offer different features — such as compact or full-sized and the type of mechanical switches — ranging in price from $129.99 to $199.99. There’s the ROCCAT Vulcan TKL, ROCCAT  Vulcan TKL Pro, and the ROCCAT Vulcan Pro, all based on the successful and popular Vulcan keyboard series. Here are the features of the three keyboard variants:


The Vulcan TKL mechanical keyboard is the cheapest of the three revealed keyboards at $129.99. It doesn’t have the new Titan Optical Switches, instead of having the Titan Tactile Switch. It’s a tenkeyless form factor (doesn’t have a number pad on the right side of the keyboard, for all you new PC gamers out there). That means more desk real estate is freed up for mouse movement or food and beverages (if you eat or drink at your desk). It’s an RGB keyboard so you can sync with your other ROCCAT devices with their AIMO lighting engine and it also has a detachable USB-C cable.


Like the TKL, the TKL Pro ($159.99) is a compact, tenkeyless keyboard. It’s actually the same as the Vulcan Pro in its features; it’s just not a full-size keyboard. Like the previously covered Vulcan TKL, the Vulcan TKL Pro has a removable USB-C cable, AIMO lighting system, and a mixer style audio knob. The big difference between the TKL and TKL Pro is the new type of switch this one has — ROCCAT’s new Titan Optical Switches.

The Titan Optical Switch gives you that mechanical keyboard feel, where you can hear the clicks and feel where the key actuates/clicks. This Optical Switch uses light to detect keystrokes, with ROCCAT claiming it’s 40 times faster than a classic mechanical switch, and doubling the durability.

ROCCAT Vulcan Pro

We’re finally at the mack daddy of the new Vulcan keyboards — the Vulcan Pro, coming in at $199.99. Think of the Vulcan Pro as the upgraded, luxury model of the TKL Pro. It’s got everything that’s new and good, plus upgrades. The full feature list includes things we’ve covered: the new, durable Titan Optical Switches, AIMO lighting system, the mixer media knob. Where it changes mostly is form factor. It’s a full-size keyboard (that’s right, it has the number keys on the right side). It also has removable, magnetic wrist rest, and low profile keys.

Keep in mind, everything else is the same as the Vulcan TKL Pro. So, if you want one of the keyboards with the new Optical Switches and you can live without some ergonomic bonuses and a full-size keyboard, you can save $40 by going with the TKL Pro. I can’t say whether the wrist rest and keys are worth the $40, so look out for reviews.

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The ROCCAT Vulcan TKL will be available on October 4, 2020. The Vulcan TKL Pro and Vulcan Pro will each be available on October 30. You can preorder them now at the ROCCAT website.