Mega Evolution Raids to feature more Pokemon

Photo: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield key art.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International
Photo: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield key art.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International /

Mega Evolution Raids are the hottest thing in Pokemon Go right now. Trainers are gathering as many of their friends as possible to challenge and catch Mega Evolved Pokemon.

The popularity of Mega Evolution Raids has been the most exciting event to happen in Pokemon Go this year since the mobile access of Pokemon Go Fest over the summer. The excitement has spiked the increase of battles that trainers are flocking to in order to start unlocking the full potential of Pokemon who have the ability to Mega Evolve. Trainers have the capability of accomplishing acquiring the materials and Pokemon with the inclusion of Raid Passes now becoming remote and anyone being able to be invited to raids amongst friends. Mega Evolution Raids have been limited to the Kanto final evolutions with Venasaur, Charizard, and Blastoise with the first introductions. With events winding down in September and new ones beginning in October, there is future potential for new Pokemon to be featured with their Mega Evolutions.

Pidgeot and Houndoom are the next Pokemon to be featured in Mega Evolution Raids incoming events. The current event with Pidgeot has been carrying on since the middle of September. These raids have been a little scarcer than the original Mega Evolution Raids that have featured the Kanto starters, however, it may have to do with the promoted research that is featured every week for a trainer to complete. Completing the tasks that are offered might give the trainer the opportunity to challenge Pidgeot in Mega Evolution Raids, it would most likely happen during or before the Houndoom raids begin.

An announcement from the Pokemon Go Live Blog has given the exact start time for Houndoom to debut in Mega Evolution Raids on Sept. 29th starting at 1:00 p.m. depending on the trainers playing location. Houndoom became accessible due to the amount of activity that came from trainers on Sept. 8th. During the hours of the spotlight hour held on Tuesdays, the base form of the evolutionary line Houndour was appearing more frequently for at least an hour. These events are common for trainers to take advantage of because of the bonus incentives that happen during the hour, and the possibility to catch a shiny version of the Pokemon featured. With the momentum of trainers getting more involved with Mega Evolution Raids, it was only fitting to award trainers with the chance to encounter Houndoom from accumulating all the Houndour candies.

With the September events coming to an end within the next week, it only means that October events that have appeared in the past are making their way back to Pokemon Go. During the festive month that celebrates Halloween, it is very common to see more Ghost-type Pokemon appear throughout the entire month. In addition to those Pokemon, the Kanto starters also spawn wearing a new Halloween outfit to celebrate alongside trainers who care very much for the holiday. With October’s Community Day to feature Charmander as well, it would not be considered much of a surprise if Charmander that appear will also feature a cute Halloween outfit. Even rarer to the collector if that Pokemon is found to be shiny. With Mega Raids still building up their momentum, it will also be held into the expectation that special Charizard Mega Raids will be in the spotlight on Community Day.

The Ghost-type Pokemon that will be spawning more frequently in the month of October, the possibility of those Pokemon being ruled out would be impossible. With Gengar as popular as a Pokemon is in the community, it would most likely be the biggest demand to be available in Mega Evolution Raids throughout the entire month of October. In addition to Gengar, there are two other Ghost-types that spawn pretty frequently that could also have their own Mega Evolution. Shuppet and Sableye are two Pokemon that have been common during the month of October in the past. Banette, Shuppet’s final evolved form, and Sableye having Mega Evolutions Raids during the month of October would stir the frenzy of these raid battles even further. With the amount of Pokemon available in the Mega Evolution Raids, Niantic is delivering their promise with featuring these Pokemon at the pace they planned on debuting them.

Of course, the chance of acquiring these Pokemon takes a great deal of work, just like it does with everything else in Pokemon Go. Mega Evolving a Pokemon requires one hundred Mega Energy specified to the exact Pokemon. Challenging and catching these Pokemon who are featured in Mega Evolution Raids distribute a certain amount of this energy for trainers to win for accomplishing these feats when winning the same raids. In order for trainers to have access to these Pokemon, they must challenge as many Mega Evolution Raids possible so that they can finally evolve these Mega Evolved Pokemon. Once a Pokemon is Mega Evolved, a trainer has four hours to do whatever they want with the Pokemon, either challenge more raids or conquer more gyms. Once a trainer Mega Evolves a Pokemon, a trainer only needs half of the energy available in order for it to Mega Evolve on another occasion.

Mega Evolution Raids are growing to be just as popular, if not more as Legendary Pokemon Raids. With trainers having more focus on Mega Evolution Raids, it gives the developers at Niantic more time to work on other legendary Pokemon to be featured in Pokemon Go. The Houndoom and Pidgeot additions for Mega Evolutions is just the beginning of what is to be featured for the future of what is Mega Evolution Raids. With October around the corner, there is the promise to have Gengar follow suit and possibly even more Mega Evolution Raids to be included for the entirety of next month. What is known to trainers in Pokemon Go, Mega Evolution Raids are here to stay and are the hottest activity on the app right now.

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