September events in Pokemon GO


September events for Pokemon GO hold some fantastic events trainers can take advantage of in the first month of autumn. Trainers could look forward to a pace of change in what Niantic has mixed up for them.

The Pokemon Company and Niantic have had a roller-coaster year handling 2020 for their trainers with their popular app with Pokemon GO. Despite the obstacles the app developers have been handed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pokemon GO has adapted well and had handled keeping their audience entertained. The remarkable feedback that trainers participated in Pokemon GO Fest from Home was a great experience for trainers to take advantage of everywhere. Niantic continues to develop new features that will bring in more players to play the popular app. September will bring more events for trainers to participate in, especially if players are playing Pokemon GO for the first time.

Breakthrough Research for September

Scraggy will be leaving the Breakthrough Research that was the promotion of Unova Pokemon in the spotlight. Now for the month of September, Alolan Raichu will be making the debut for the weekly research reward. Raichu is the first Alolan Pokemon to be featured for the Breakthrough Research event that trainers to take advantage of for the ones who did not battle the Pokemon during raid battles. The opportunity to catch an Alolan Raichu in Breakthrough Research also increases the chance for trainers to encounter the ‘surfing mouse’ in a shiny Pokemon.

There is also Special Field Research to celebrate the mythical Pokemon, Victini. Victini made its debut during Pokemon GO Fest as a reward for trainers to catch after challenging the Team GO Rocket and defeating Giovanni. For the trainers who had difficulty accessing the app during the events of Pokemon GO Fest, the exclusive event where trainers could catch Victini is still available. However, this event will last until the end of the month. So if you paid for Pokemon GO Fest and you have not caught Victini, now is your chance before time runs out.

September Raid Events

Right now, Heatran is the legendary Pokemon still available for Legendary Raids in gyms. This Pokemon started in late August and will be available until September 10th. Following Heatran, Cresselia will be the next Pokemon available for trainers to challenge in Legendary Raids from September 10th through the 18th. This is common for the two Pokemon to be available during the autumn months, as they have before. The return of Legendary Birds will be following these Sinnoh legendary Pokemon. Articuno will follow Cresselia from September 18th through the 25th; followed by Zapdos being available the 25th through October 2nd. It has been a while since we have seen the Legendary Birds in raid battles, but this will get trainers to possibly catch shiny versions of these Pokemon.

Other raids that have been going on is the celebration of the Mega Evolutions coming to Pokemon GO. Trainers can challenge gyms that have Mega Evolutions just like they can challenge any stationary or legendary raid. Trainers can challenge the current Mega Evolutions of Venasuar, Blastoise, Charizard X and Y, Pidgeot, and Beedrill. The reward for challenging and winning these gyms allows trainers to catch these Pokemon and receive Mega Energy, the substance used to Mega Evolve Pokemon. These are the first Pokemon available for trainers to Mega Evolve, many more are to be available in the future.

Pokemon GO
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September Spotlight Hours

Spotlight House is held every Tuesday of the month from the hours to 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. to the trainer’s local time zone. The September events of each Tuesday kickoff with Eevee in Spotlight on September 1st with the bonus including double catch experience points. The following week on September 8th will feature Houndour and will give trainers the opportunity to gain double catch candy. The next week on September 15th will feature Tentacool and the reward will be double transfer candy. On September 22nd, Spearow will be the Pokemon in the Spotlight, and the bonus during the hour will include double evolution experience points. The last Pokemon in the Spotlight will be Skitty and unlock the bonus of double catch stardust. All of these events spawn the Pokemon more frequently during the hour and give trainers the chance to catch the above Pokemon in their shiny form.

September Community Day

Trainers voted for what Pokemon they wanted to see for the autumn months of September and October for what Pokemon they would like to see on their dated Community Day. Trainers selected Porygon to be available in the spotlight on September 20th. An exclusive event that will feature Porygon and its evolutionary line, Porygon2 and Porygon-Z will most likely be part of the special day Field Research. Trainers that evolve their Porygon all the way to Porygon-Z can have their Pokemon learn the charged move; Tri-Attack. Porygon being in the spotlight means that Sinnoh Stones will be more frequent during the event. Trainers can also evolve other Pokemon from the Sinnoh region that they have not evolved yet.

Photo: Pokemon GO Halloween In-Game Events key Art, Courtesy Niantic PR and The Pokemon Company
Photo: Pokemon GO Halloween In-Game Events key Art, Courtesy Niantic PR and The Pokemon Company /

September has plenty of events for trainers to take advantage of for the entire month. Pokemon GO events get more entertaining during the autumn months before the winter months. October normally celebrates the holiday with Halloween and dresses up the Pokemon in Pokemon GO. In addition to the dressed-up Pokemon, Ghost-type Pokemon are also spawning more frequently during the entire month. It is possible that during the month of October that trainers could encounter Mega Evolved Gengar in raids. These events start today, so mark your calendars and happy hunting trainers.

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