Community Day comes to vote for the third time


Niantic and Pokemon GO have turned to trainers once more to vote for Pokemon to be selected for Community Day for future dates. Trainers will have four more options to choose from for the popular event in September and October.

Niantic is always looking for the best interaction for their players that have been playing Pokemon GO. The players and developers have had to adapt a number of changes during the current times that everyone faces during this pandemic. Niantic has had quite the year making changes for players to try and take advantage of so that players can still actively play the popular app. The developers dealing with the number of changes for their players have left them to not proactively decide their most popular event on a monthly basis; Community Day. In fact, the players have had to vote to decide what Pokemon they would like to catch on three separate occasions. So what is one more for the trainers to decide? Niantic is asking trainers to vote for what Pokemon to catch for the Community Days in September and October.

Trainers will have the opportunity to vote over the weekend from Aug 22nd to 23rd via Twitter for four of the following Pokemon: Charmander, Caterpie, Grimer, and Porygon. The two Pokemon that receive the most votes will be featured will be the selections for autumn month Community Day events. All four selections continue the trend of more Kanto Pokemon being featured in the spotlight for Community Day; which is the most Pokemon from this region have been featured since the early days of the app’s release. Of the possible Pokemon to be voted in, the final evolution of each Pokemon will have some awesome Charged Moves if they are the selected species. Charmander, the Fire-type starter, can evolve into Charizard and could possibly learn Dragon Breath, a fitting move for a Pokemon that resembles a dragon. If Caterpie is selected, a final evolved Butterfree could possibly learn Hurricane, a strong Flying-type move that can do major damage. Grimer is a Pokemon that also has an Alolan form so it has two type forms; however, both Kantonean and Alolan Muk could possibly learn Fire Punch if they are the selected Pokemon. Finally, we come across Porygon which has the opportunity to learn Tri Attack if it evolves into Porygon-Z. All Pokemon are interesting species to be selected for the future events for trainers to decide from, yet the decision to choose which Pokemon will win is inevitable.

Charmander has always been a popular choice of original Pokemon fans who have been playing the franchise game since the original release. With Charizard being the mascot of Pokemon Red Version, it is still to this day one of those powerful featured Pokemon that has been featured in almost every franchise title. Even though there has already been a Charmander Community Day in the past, the voting of Charmander holds a better benefit over the opportunity players had of voting for Squirtle over the summer. The popular concept of Charmander being selected is the chance for a trainer to catch a shiny version of it, leading up to the idea that a trainer can evolve a shiny Charizard. Shiny Charizard is one of the most popular Pokemon becoming a dragon in that is all black in color; even so, to be popular before the Mega-Evolution of the Pokemon was ever featured. A black flying-dragon that has the opportunity to learn Dragon Breath is a huge selling point for trainers. It is most likely that trainers will pick Charmander for this choice.

The second Pokemon that will most likely be selected for Community Day could end up being Porygon. The rarity of Porygon in Pokemon GO has been increasing with the chance of more generations and regions being featured in the app. With the same reason as the idea above, trainers in Pokemon GO have a bigger desire to collect even more shiny Pokemon. Therefore, a shiny Porygon will most likely be the selling point that trainers will vote for so they can have a better chance of owning one during Community Day. Even more of a challenge for trainers, Porygon requires Upgrades and Sinnoh Stones in order to evolve to its evolved forms with Porygon2 and Porygon-Z. Trainers who have been dedicated to playing this app appreciate more of the challenges the creators make. Having the opportunity for Porygon Community Day to have featured Field Research that will reward the trainer with these items in order for the Pokemon to evolve. It is something that trainers can look forward to and take advantage of this as much as possible.

Children play Pokemon Go in Central Park as Pokemon Go craze hits New York City (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images)
Children play Pokemon Go in Central Park as Pokemon Go craze hits New York City (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images) /

There is a reasonable explanation of why the other two are not popular enough to win the vote and be featured as a Community Day Pokemon. Caterpie would be the perfect rival of Weedle, which had its own Community Day in June when it was in the spotlight. Of course, the motivation for trainers was to catch more shines, the Charged Move that Beedrill could learn before the end of the day is remarkable with learning the move Drill Run, which is unorthodox for Bug-Type Pokemon to actually learn. Butterfree cannot learn Hurricane on its own, but the possibility of the other two Pokemon have more featured popularity on most forums. Lastly, Grimer will not be chosen due to the fact that Charizard will offer better Fire-type moves. In addition to the fact that Alolan Pokemon do not get selected for the Community Day events; both Vulpix and Sandshrew were Pokemon up for voting. Both Pokemon lost out their designated votes, including the opportunity to catch Alolan types of all of the same Pokemon. It is not dismissing the fact that the two Pokemon will not be selected, it is the idea that they were being beaten easily with Charmander and Porygon.

Community Day is about spending time with friends and collecting as many new Pokemon possible for the trainer’s collection benefit. Even having the Pokemon with a special Charged Moves helps trainers overcome obstacles of the Community Day Pokemon learning a move that is more or likely to aide them in Gym Battles, Raids, or taking over gyms. Trainers will be excited to vote for which Pokemon they will want to be featured during the hours of Community Day over the next two months. The predictions made here at the Viridian Forest reflect the results from the voting segments of the past. Hopefully, the predictions will stand with the popular feedback trainers have already voiced their opinion about.

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