Fall Guys lead designer on bringing the battle royale game to Xbox and Switch

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We ask Fall Guys lead designer if the game will come to other platforms, such as Xbox and Switch.

Recently, App Trigger’s own Matt Liebl pondered on whether or not Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout would be coming to Nintendo’s Switch to Microsoft’s Xbox One. I had the privilege of sitting down with Fall Guys lead game developer Joe Walsh and I was able to bring this question up to him directly.

When asked if they were planning on bringing the game to other consoles, Joe Walsh had this to say:

"“Right now we’re really focused on making sure that Playstation and PC are as stable and as good as possible which is quite a lot of work there to do to get that game really singing on those platforms but what we’ve seen is that Fall Guys brings people who never play multiplayer games to multiplayer gaming, like, we’ve had so many people message us saying, ‘Hey I hate guns, I don’t want to shoot people, I don’t like being shot, it’s not fun for me. But Fall Guys allows me to go online and have fun with my friends and compete and feel a bit of that rush.’ And we want as many people as possible to have that experience and we know that there are consoles out there that have a much more potentially casual audience and we would love those people to play Fall Guys one day but that’s kind of in the future right now and we’re really just focusing on PS4 and PC at the moment.”"

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So right now, it doesn’t look like it’s happening any time soon and, honestly, I completely understand their logic here. Mediatonic’s crew that works on Fall Guys is only about 30 people and while the increased popularity and revenue coming from Fall Guys can hopefully lead to a larger team, right now it seems they’re primary focus is on making the best game possible. Considering how much fun the game is now and how much is coming to the game in the near future, I’m going to let them do their thing.

In the interview, Walsh also acknowledged that the look of the game, including its colors and aesthetics, seems to lead people to assume it’s already a Nintendo Switch game. Mediatonic considers that a compliment and Walsh admitted that he hears chatter of fans wanting the game on the Switch as well as other platforms.

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