Riot Forge’s Rowan Parker talks Song of Nunu


Save the date: November 1st is when you can expect Song of Nunu: a League of Legends Story, a fun and unique game to grace Nintendo Switch and PC platforms via Steam, GOG, and the Epic Games Store.

I recently got another chance to chat with Riot Forge’s Creative Director, Rowan Parker – this time about their newest upcoming game, Song of Nunu. As Parker and I talked, he shared insights into the challenges, the creative process, the game’s development, and some of his most cherished elements in the making of Song of Nunu.

Song of Nunu is all about the ultimate buddy adventure with Nunu and Willump, taking you across the icy wonders of Freljord as Nunu searches for his mother. It’s a world brimming with blizzards, wolves, and magic – and where puzzles and challenges await you at every turn. Before we dig into some details, let’s take a look at the adorable Collector’s Edition boxes that are now available on Riot’s merch store.

Song of Nunu pre-orders and Collector’s Edition boxes

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You can pre-order Song of Nunu right now on all your favorite digital storefronts for just $29.99. And because Riot Forge is all about spreading the love, they’re throwing in a digital art book with every pre-order.

But for those who want to go big, a Collector’s Edition is up for grabs at $99.99, and it is packed with some exclusive goodies:

– Willump Plush? Check!
– Poro Plush? Double Check!
– Exclusive art book, postcards, pins, artwork prints, and a sweet campfire pop-up diorama? Check, check, check, check, and CHECK!

And guess what? Nab the Collector’s Edition and you might snag a limited Nunu plush hat. So. Cute.

Unveiling the details of Song of Nunu: a chat with Rowan Parker

Riot Forge’s Creative Director, Rowan Parker, shares insights into the making of Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story, and the unique challenges and pleasures of developing this heartfelt game.

While the world of game development is known for its innovative and exciting pace, Riot Forge and Tequila Works’s lovechild and latest game, Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story, brings forth a heartwarming tale with a captivating, unique-to-the-franchise, and varied gameplay. Parker talks about the journey of developing this game, this adorable “hug button”, the challenges they faced, and the diversity in gameplay that players can expect to find.

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The hug button

Parker talked about how much he enjoyed working with Tequila Works, emphasizing the joy of finding and building up on the “warm and fuzzy moments” that the studio is known for. One of his favorite things about Song of Nunu is the introduction of the hug button – a feature that actually made it out of the development process and made it to the final game. This button, while having no significant gameplay function, serves as a dopamine dispenser button for players that offers a simple hug and warm, fuzzy feelings whenever pressed. And that’s adorable. And exactly what we need.

“It really represents the feeling and the tone of the game,” Parker said, underlining the importance of this adorably unique feature.

The voice of Nunu

While talking about challenged faced in the making of Song of Nunu, Parker highlighted a rather unique challenge they had to deal with: the potential voice change of the character Nunu, who is a child. Nunu’s voice actor was around nine or ten years old when the project began a few years ago. “We started to have the clock put on us, sort of, you know. His voice could break at any moment,” he explained, expressing their concern about how a little boy’s maturing voice could impact the game development and pace. But despite this stress, Parker was pleased to say they completed the project in time and that Nunu’s voice actor “crushed it.”

Unveiling the gameplay

Song of Nunu promises a diverse range of gameplay types, introducing new elements, like using Nunu’s magical flute as a part of the puzzle mechanics, and features varying puzzle types, from cognitive to executional skill checks. Some puzzles will involve coordinating Nunu’s magic with his companion, Willump, which displays and remains true to their rapport with each other and depth of the gameplay. Parker also revealed unique sections, like sledding, which will add even more fun and ensures a variety and unique gameplay combination that will keep players engaged.

Also, good news for fellow nerd parents: even though the gameplay contains puzzles and problems that may be difficult for younger players, Parker ensures it’s a safe and enjoyable experience for kids to watch and engage with in whatever extent they’re able to.

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Working with Tequila Works

In regards to Riot Forge’s partnership with Tequila Works, Parker praised the stupid for their exceptional storytelling and adventure puzzle-style games like GYLT, Grounding Day, Wonder Worlds, and more. According to him, that expertise and uniqueness has been instrumental in creating a game that is not just played but also felt. Parker highly recommends Tequila Works titles to any and all players wishing to explore other games types witness their expertise in delivering intimate human stories full of emotion and warmth first-hand.

Unique gameplay experiences

As mentioned before, the game is completely safe for children to watch, and to also play. Some parts of the game are possible to be played by kids – depending on their skill levels and age – with parents stepping up any time they encounter the more complicated sections. This inclusive approach allows for a broader audience to enjoy the world of Song of Nunu, making it a potential family favorite.

Looking forward

As the release date approaches, excitement builds up for this heartfelt adventure in the world of League of Legends. Despite Parker’s light-hearted tease, where he unfortunately couldn’t share any information about other upcoming projects, we eagerly await Song of Nunu.

This game will be a departure from the more hardcore action games, providing a change of pace with its heartfelt and warm storytelling. With the promise of intricate puzzles, a variety of gameplay elements, and a warm, engaging atmosphere, Song of Nunu is set to capture the hearts of players around the world, offering not just a game – but also a heartfelt journey and a loving embrace in the form of a hug button.