POGO to ask trainers to vote for events for Community Day this summer


Trainers and users of Pokemon Go are once again asked to decide what will be decided for the Pokemon to catch for Community Day in June and July. Voting will be a two-day process that will start on May 23rd via Twitter.

Niantic made the announcement on Mon. May 18th asking their players of their popular app Pokemon Go to vote on the option for what Pokemon to be made available for the June and July Community Days. This is the second time the creators of the game have asked for the popular opinion of their users to what they would like to catch for an exciting Community Day. This proactive way of getting more feedback is critical to what Niantic and Pokemon Go should have more readily available. The voting system will be different from the last time players decided how to vote what Pokemon will be available for voting.

Trainers who actively play Pokemon Go will be able to vote via Twitter from May 23rd to 24th to decide what Pokemon to be made available to vote for are Squirtle, Weedle, Sandshrew, and Ghastly. The voting will allow two of the four popular options to be made available for Community Day in June and July. The poll will be posted on Pokemon Go’s official Twitter where trainers can tweet to vote which option they would like to catch. The voting will start at 6:00 p.m. (PST) on the 23rd and will last for 24-hours into the next day. Per each tweet, each entry should use the signature #PokemonGOCommunityDay when submitting a vote on Twitter. An additional announcement to vote will be made during the live-stream Pokemon Go will have for the May Community Day featuring Seedot.

The Pokemon that will be voted on will have special edition moves that their final evolution forms do not normally learn from any game, even standard raising on POGO. For instance, if Squirtle is one of the options chosen, evolving the Kanto starter into its final evolution form Blastoise will learn the special Fighting-type move Aura Sphere; a move that is the signature for the Pokemon Lucario. Weedle being selected would be interesting, for evolving the Bug-type Pokemon into its final form in Beedrill will have the opportunity to learn the Ground-type move, Drill Run. This would be an interesting move to have a Beedrill learn, especially if it uses it during its Mega-Evolution. The option of Sandshrew being voted for has a strong option of being the “dark horse” of winning this contest because it will include both Kanto and Alolan forms. Having multiple options on Community Day is great, getting two different typed Pokemon would be better than learning two different moves. Kanto Sandslash would learn Shadow Claw, a Dark-type move, and Alolan Sandslash would learn Powder Snow, a signature move being an Ice-type Pokemon. Finally, with the fan-favorite for Ghastly, it has the option to learn Shadow Punch if the Pokemon evolves to the final form with Gengar. The options are pretty well diverse for trainers to vote for, and it is quite in favor of the Pokemon that can learn unique moves not designated to their type base form.

The results for the first time this option was available to trainers was for the Community Day in February when Rhyhorn won out of the four selected Pokemon. The Ground/Rock-type Pokemon beat out Vulpix, Machop, and Dratini for options that were voted on during the event. Voting for the event took place when any player playing Pokemon Go had to complete specific Field Research in order to vote for a certain Pokemon. The only way the trainer was able to pick which specific Pokemon to vote for was by spinning a PokeStop that gave the option. Since the standard for playing out in the open is limited for trainers, the voting is made safe for trainers to access by voting via Twitter. It would be safe to assume that the event for Community Day would continue with the norm being the “Play at Home Edition” in order to keep the safety of POGO players from COVID-19. It would also be safe to assume that both events for June and July would cost money for the trainer to participate.

After the voting comes to an end, the results will be posted within an hour on what two Pokemon will be made available for the summer Community Day events. It will be crucial for trainers to vote during the hours of Community Day on Sunday the 24th when trainers are catching a great number of Seedot to evolve one into Shiftry with a special move. The events ending near the same time locally does not bother the creators at Niantic, for they do not fear that it will crash their servers that operate and the game. For trainers that are under age, be sure to ask your parents to help when voting via Twitter on the Pokemon Go account. Be sure to make your selection this weekend, trainers! The results should make for popular events for this summer’s Community Days.

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