Best teams to rebuild in MLB The Show 20 franchise mode

Carlos Correa #1 of the Houston Astros and Jose Altuve #27 (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Carlos Correa #1 of the Houston Astros and Jose Altuve #27 (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images) /
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With a shortened MLB season finally here, we put together a list of the best teams to rebuild in MLB The Show 20 franchise mode.

With not going out as much due to COVID-19 and with the shortened MLB season starting, you might be itching to take the helm of a new team in franchise mode in MLB The Show 20. In franchise mode, there’s nothing more fun than ripping a team apart and rebuilding them, or taking a team that has nothing going for it and trying to make it a contender.

If you need some help deciding which team to start your franchise mode with, we’ve put together a list of the best teams to rebuild in MLB The Show 20. This list, combined with the best players to trade for in MLB The Show 20 will help you as you start and go through your first year in a rebuild.

By the way, you won’t see teams like the Braves in here. Even though their farm system is among the best, they’re not in need of a rebuild in any way. They have young players producing on the big league club, as well as waiting to be called up.

Likewise, as much as I want to include the Padres because of how fun building around Fernando Tatis Jr. would be (he’s a beast in MLB The Show 20), they’ve spent money in the last couple of years on good ballplayers while still being prospect rich. It’s not much of a rebuild with them.

Houston Astros

Now you may be wondering why we start off with the Astros. In both real life and MLB The Show 20 they’re a stacked team and contenders. So why are they here? Well, because they’re cheaters. And what do we do to cheaters? We trade them to a team like the Mets where talented ballplayers go to die.

In all seriousness, they’re here because of all of their talent, and to tear the team apart and start fresh. MLB The Show 20 gives you the opportunity to role play as a GM brought in to clean up the Houston Astros culture. There’s an insane amount of trade pieces you have available to you. If you keep the young, under control, cheap players and develop them (Jose Urquidy, Yordan Alvarez, Kyle Tucker).

You could trade or keep closer Roberto Osuna (94 OVR) since rebuilding teams typically don’t value a closer; or, depending on how quickly you see this rebuild going, you can hold onto him since he’s highly rated.

Players you can get a lot for are:

  • 37-year-old SP Justin Verlander, 85 OVR (2 years $66M)
  • 36-year-old SP Zack Greinke, 84 OVR (2 years $68.8M)
  • 35-year-old 1B Yuli Gurriel, 75 OVR ($9.5M)
  • 29-year-old 2B Jose Altuve, 93 OVR (5 years $116M)
  • 26-year-old 3B Alex Bregman, 97 OVR (5 years $100M)
  • 25-year-old SS Carlos Correa, 86 OVR ($8M)
  • 32-year-old LF Michael Brantley, 84 OVR ($16M)
  • 30-year-old CF George Springer, 86 OVR ($21M)

Correa is young and cheap enough that you can build around him. But the rest of these players are eating up a ton of budget. You can either get a bunch of top prospects for these players, or some young, high 70s to low 90s players with A potential. Whatever you decide to do, the pieces are here to have fun with, and you’ll clear up a ton of budget to shape the team how you want in free agency.