Best players to trade for in MLB The Show 20

Michael Conforto New York Mets (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)
Michael Conforto New York Mets (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) /
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With Major League Baseball returning, we revisit MLB The Show 20 for the best players to trade for in Franchise mode.

If you read my 5 games that have gotten me through Coronavirus quarantine piece, you’ll know that I’ve been playing a lot of MLB The Show 2020. The last time I really dug into a franchise mode in a baseball game might have been MLB The Show 12 — or maybe even EA’s MVP series. This pandemic has afforded me the opportunity to really get into MLB The Show 2020 franchise mode.

I’m playing as the Mets and I love making trades. So I’m kind of role playing as the GM that cleans up the mess Brodie Van Wagenen has created. I love making trades, so my team looks completely different than the actual Mets team. It’s all a fantasy, so I don’t feel bad about it.

With MLB The Show 2020 on sale during PSN’s Summer Sale (50% off bringing the price to $29.99), I wanted to offer some advice on the best players to trade for in MLB The Show 2020 franchise mode. I’m suggesting players from different Salary amounts, Overall and Potential ratings, so no matter the team you’re playing as you can target some of these players. This is a long list, so the comments on each player will be brief.

RNW = Renewal; ARB = Arbitration

Starting Pitcher

Madison Bumgarner (ARI) – Age 30, Overall 84, Potential B, Contract $12.7M (5 years left at increasing cost)

While Bumgarner doesn’t throw heat, he has good control and can go deep in games. He’s had multiple complete game shutouts for me as a #2 or #3 guy in the rotation. Doesn’t cost a ton in a trade.

Michael Fulmer (DET) – Age 26, Overall 72, Potential B, Contract $2.8M (2 years ARB)

Don’t get scared by the overall at that age. In the right hands, Fulmer is a really nice pitcher to have with 87 stamina and 90 velocity, helping his fastball reach 96mph. He plays better than his overall.

Michael Kopech (CHIW) – Age 22, Overall 68, Potential A, Contract $584K (1year RNW, 3 years ARB)

Kopech is young and his overall isn’t high, but he’s the next hard throwing pitcher that’ll catch the MLB on fire. His fastball sits at 99mph and combined with an 87mph changeup is nasty. He’s a tough get but attainable. With his stamina at 72 he won’t go deep into games, so make sure to account for that.

Dinelson Lamet (SD) – Age 27, Overall 79, Potential B, Contract $1.3M (3 years ARB)

Lamet throws 97mph and has a slider that’s almost an automatic strikeout with 99 Break rating. His stamina is 78, but with smart pitches he can go deep into games. One of the more fun pitchers to use, and is cheap and under control

German Marquez (COL) – Age 25, Overall 79, Potential B, Contract $6.9M (4 years left at increasing cost)

Marquez is under control at a good cost, can be a top of the rotation pitcher that won’t cost as much as some other pitchers, throws a 97mph fastball with good control and has a nasty slider and knuckle curve.

Miles Mikolas (STL) – Age 31, Overall 81, Potential B, Contract $17M (4 years left)

While on the wrong side of 30, Mikolas is under control (if he fits in your budget, has a lively arm, good control and great stamina. Really good for a #2 pitcher in your rotation.

David Peterson (NYM) Age 24, Overall 72, Potential A, Contract $100k (2 years RNW, 3 years ARB)

Young, under control SP with a 5 pitch repertoire, with 5 more years of cheap control and tons of upside. Won’t come cheap in a trade.