5 games that have gotten me through Coronavirus quarantine

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2. MLB The Show 20

I honestly can’t remember the last time I really dug into a franchise mode in a baseball game. Maybe it was MLB The Show 12, but it might even go far enough back to the EA MVP days. I used to play a franchise mode 10 seasons in – drafting players, making trades and building a powerhouse of a ball club. But as you get older, have a job and kids and more responsibilities, time is limited and suddenly playing multiple seasons isn’t something you can do.

With no baseball season beginning until the end of July, and with more available time on my hands, I decided to dive into MLB The Show 20 and start a franchise with the New York Mets. While I may not get 10 seasons in, I didn’t realize how much I miss playing a baseball game until this.

I’m around 80 games into the season, and it’s been a rollercoaster. There are some surprising league leaders in things, I’ve traded for Madison Bumgarner and Ronald Acuña Jr., and after starting the year hitting .181, Pete Alonso now leads the league in homers (26) and RBI (67) with a .254 batting average.