Ghastly to be featured in July’s Community Day

Photo: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield key art.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International
Photo: Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield key art.. Image Courtesy The Pokémon Company International /

Ghastly is to be the featured Pokemon for Community Day in the month of July. A long-awaited time frame for a fan favorite to be given the spotlight, the Pokemon GO community voted for their chance to have a Gengar. This is more than exciting time for POGO events before Pokemon Go Fest begins!

The next Community Day for the summer is around the corner with the original Ghost-type favorite, Ghastly will be featured in the spotlight as the Pokemon available in Pokemon GO. Ghastly was one of two Pokemon selected to be featured in the popular event players looks forward to every month. Along with Weedle, trainers took their votes to social media to select Ghastly to be featured in the July’s event of Community Day. The common trend has had trainers vote for original Pokemon from the Kanto region, and what better time to be featured than during the events of Community Day!

The date of the event is set for Jul. 19, 2020 from the hours of 11:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m. to whatever location the Pokemon GO player’s standard time zone is. The player will have the opportunity to catch as many Ghastly possible during that time frame. With the common appearance of Ghastly, it is possible for the trainer to encounter a shiny one during the hours of the event. Catching enough Ghastly will have the trainer raise the Pokemon through the stages of Haunter and potentially Gengar. If the trainer evolves any Haunter during the hours of Community Day, they will have a fully-evolved Gengar with the charged attack, Shadow Punch; a Dark-type move that has its benefits against Psychic and other Ghost-type Pokemon. The chance to evolve a Haunter to learn the move will carry on two hours after the event ends of Community Day.

Outside evolving a Ghastly, other events will take place that the player can take advantage of with in-game objectives for Field Research that cater to Community Day. There will be a surprise that awaits the trainer if they take a snapshot photo of newly caught Ghastly. If any Community Day event’s Field Research has taught any trainer, there will be a great deal of focus on how many Ghastly a trainer catches and what they do to evolve them. The special Field Research will have a narrative story by Professor Willow, containing specific details about the Ghost Pokemon for the day. The trainer will be put up to the test to see if they are able to complete the tasks at hand.

The cost of participating in Community Day featuring Ghastly will cost $1 (US or local equivalent currency) in order to participate during the event. There will other features available for trainers to purchase during the events of Community Day. For those that participate, there is the opportunity to purchase a Community Day Box, as there has been in the past. The Box will feature 30 Ultra Balls, an Elite Fast TM, two Incense, and two Super Incubators for eggs. Trainers that want to hatch eggs during the event will be able to do so faster, with hatching them at a quarter of the walking distance to hatch new Pokemon. The incenses used during the day will last for three hours from whenever they are activated during the day. This gives the player the maximum potential to catch as many Ghastly possible during the hours of the events.

In the past few months over the summer, Niantic and players of Pokemon GO have had to adapt to catching Pokemon and participating in events from home due to the effects of the pandemic of COVID-19. This event will be the second Community Day where the chance to play from home will be lifted; however, the event is charging players to participate for the first time since the rules have gone back to a standard for Community Day. This is a confusing circumstance because before the events to participate have always been free for players to take advantage of when accessing their Pokemon GO app. The situations could be understood with the unfortunate turn of events with Niantic canceling Pokemon Go Safari events that were supposed to take place during the spring months.

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Future Community Day events have not been announced for the autumn months from August and the remainder of the year. For now, the next announcement will most likely happen within a few days either before or after Ghastly’s Community Day. There are several opportunities for new Pokemon to be featured for the remainder of the year Community Days. Several fan favorites on Sinnoh Pokemon have yet to be featured, like Gible or Riolu. Other Pokemon from the Unova region are waiting for their chance to be featured in the spotlight. By now, there have normally been one or two Community Days that feature the starter Pokemon from the region; that has not happened yet for Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott. With plenty of time left in the year, the chance for a Community Day featuring any of those Pokemon are very possible. Who knows, it may possibly come down to a vote again for players to decide.

Trainers and players of Pokemon GO are looking forward to the Ghastly Community Day that will be held this month. Ghastly and its evolutionary line is a popular fan favorite since the debut of Pokemon gives every fan of the franchise the chance to capture and raise a Gengar; even possibly have one in their own arsenal when it comes to battling or taking on raids. A Gengar knowing Shadow Punch will definitely have an advantage when it is a fast Pokemon, to begin with. Be sure to stay safe and practice social distancing when on the hunt for Ghastly, and good look catching ’em all, trainers!