Everything you need to know for Weedle Community Day


The Pokemon Go players got the chance to vote again, for their choice to catch Pokemon for their choice for the summer Community Day events. The first winner for the June Community Day, Weedle will be in the spotlight.

Pokemon Go has had a busy season with having to deal with new obstacles for players to continue enjoying their app. They have altered the playing style for trainers to access PokeStops and Gyms from their own homes. They have even held the Pokemon Go Community Day events that featured Seedot and even delivered the postponed Abra event. The creators at Niantic continue to make changes in order for their trainers to stay involved with the application with the same volume that they had at launch. Before the summer months began, Niantic held an event asking the players of Pokemon Go to vote for which Pokemon they would like to catch for the summer. Weedle was the grand champion voted in and will be the first Pokemon in the spotlight for June’s Community Day.

The Weedle Community Day is set to take place, Sat. Jun 20 from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. local time for the trainer participating. The Hairy-Bug Pokemon is making its major debut with being featured for the popular Pokemon Go event. During the hours of Community Day, Weedle will be frequently seen for trainers to catch. With the opportunity of more Weedle candy to be accumulated during the hours of the event, give the trainer the advantage of evolving their Weedle to a fully grown Beedrill. The true reason why fans voted for Weedle is that the Pokemon has yet to appear as a shiny Pokemon; the chances for a shiny to appear during Community Day are higher than the average spawn rate.

The Community Day events details do have many surprises for trainers to take advantage of. When a trainer fully evolves a Weedle from Kakuna to Beedrill, they have the opportunity for that Beedrill to learn Drill Run, a move that is designated for Ground-type Pokemon. This will truly be an advantage for Beedrill to use especially when it comes to Pokemon Battles in PvP matchups. Trainers will also be able to earn three times the stardust when catching Pokemon, taking the opportunity to raise the level on the Beedrill and other strong Pokemon with a high Combat Power (CP). Incense activated during the event will last for three hours, for the trainer to maximize their chances to catch more Weedle and other Pokemon. Buddy Pokemon with the Buddy Level with Great Buddy or higher will bring the trainer items to assist them during the hours of the event.

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Community Day for Weedle will also offer bundles for trainers to purchase in the game app in case a trainer is low on supplies. For a special one-time purchase, the June Community Day bundle will feature an Elite Charged TM, thirty Ultra Balls, three-star pieces, and three incenses. The Elite Charged TM will most likely be a powerful move that is comparable to Drill Run but will more likely be a STAB type move for Beedrill. Trainers are encouraged to take snapshots of the Weedle they capture, even if they evolve them to the final form with Beedrill. If the trainer takes photos during the hours of Community Day, there is an additional surprise waiting for them if they are successful.

The benefits of Beedrill to be fully evolved Pokemon for Community Day has its advantages. Sending the Pokemon from Pokemon Go to any file of Let’s Go Pikachu or Eevee will have its advantages for trainers to fight in-game enemies. Using a Beedrill that knows Drill Run will have its advantage against the Master Trainer that also has a Beedrill. It will even come more in handy if the trainer has the Megastone to have the Mega Evolution of Beedrill in this battle. With the expansion pass being released for Pokemon Sword and Shield, it is only a matter of time before Weedle and evolutionary line becomes obtainable in the recent installment of the series.

This Community Day for Weedle is the first time that the event is breaking the chain of the Community Day Stay At Home Edition. The stay at home orders due to COVID-19 made playing the app a little difficult, especially during Community Day. During the times for April and May, Community Day was a limited paid time event for players to actively participate from home with catching Abra and Seedot. Weedle will have the first Community Day event that will have the circumstances of the event return to normal. Trainers will still be advised to practice playing at a safe distance and will be more than thrilled to be playing the event for free once more.

These summer events for Community Day will be rewarding for trainers that have been waiting to participate in events in Pokemon Go like they used to before. Weedle is making history as the first Pokemon to be featured for Community Day for dedicated Pokemon Go players. Who knows what will be featured next for Community Day in the future after the summer is finished. Ghastly is the featured Pokemon for the July Community Day event. It was the Pokemon that beat out Squirtle and Sandshrew to be featured in the event for July. Maybe the autumn Community Day events will finally feature the starter Pokemon from Unova or even a rarer species that have yet to make their appearance. Happy hunting this Community Day, trainers!

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