Madden 21: Lamar Jackson shouldn’t be upset at his rating

Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)
Lamar Jackson - Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images) /

Lamar Jackson was not too happy with his starting overall rating in Madden 21.

Lots of people get excited when ratings for sports video game are released. No one is more excited than the athletes who get to see these video game developers rate their skill. Reactions to Madden 21‘s ratings have been all over the place.

From rookies to quarterbacks, EA can’t make everyone happy (especially Deshaun Watson).Another quarterback not too happy with his rating is Lamar Jackson, of the Baltimore Ravens.

Lamar Jackson thought that in Madden 21 he deserved to be at least a 96 or 97 overall, but EA Sports decided that a 94 overall was more fair for his athletic ability. Jackson was pretty upset with it.

I understand that players sometime believe that their rating should be higher. Not all of them are being completely honest with themselves. There’s no doubt Lamar Jackson is one of the most gifted quarterbacks in the league, but a 94 overall rating is not sometime to be upset about by any means.

Jackson is the third best-rated quarterback in Madden 21, behind only Patrick Mahomes (99 OVR) and Russell Wilson (97 OVR). He’s also the fastest quarterback with 96 speed. He also boasts 95 Throw on the Run and 94 Throw Under Pressure, meaning he’ll be very good outside the pocket.

For only playing in the NFL for two season, Jackson has very good ratings in Madden 21. But good for him for striving to be better.

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Lets be honest, Lamar Jackson is a very talented quarterback and will most likely continue to gain even more talent or athletic ability in the upcoming years. Putting him at a 96 or 97 overall means that he only has small room for growth which is not the case. There are players in the NFL who would kill to be even rated in the 90 overalls.

The 94 overall rating also gives Lamar Jackson a chance to improve throughout this years Madden 21 video game with in-game updates depending on how well he does this season. If Lamar Jackson ends up having a stellar record breaking year then maybe he will get the rating he wants, but for the time being that 94 overall shouldn’t make Lamar as upset as he is.

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On the bright side, Lamar Jackson has an overall higher than he did in Madden 20. There is also a good chance that his rating will go up anyway due to the season he is projected to have. Plus, he is this year’s cover athlete for Madden 21. It sounds to me like Lamar Jackson is off to a pretty good start so far. I am sure as the NFL season goes on, the in-game updates will be very generous to Jackson’s rating, but at the moment a 94 overall is nothing to fret about. If anything, it is just EA’s way of saying that Lamar Jackson is going to continue to gradually grow his athletic talents.