10 Animal Crossing villagers that’ll turn your island into Beastars

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Gohin is a unique character to Beastars. He’s the only panda you really see on the show and his cranky nature helps him differentiate himself from other characters. Luckily, Animal Crossing also has only one panda, Chow. And as luck would have it, Chow is the cranky personality type.

Now this one is tricky. Juno is an incredibly complex character who’s confidence puts her all over the map. Unfortunately, there are no female wolves in Animal Crossing who looks a lot like her. But there is one that is absolutely the same personality type and that’s fan-favorite Audie. The coloring is different but that personality is all there.

This one works on a couple different levels. While, technically, Phil is the “ostrich” species class, his coloring is based off a peahen, the same as Dom. Not only that but their smug personalities match each other’s swimmingly. Plus, as a bonus, but characters have been hinted to be bisexual. So there’s that.