10 Animal Crossing villagers that’ll turn your island into Beastars

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Els is sort of the standard high schooler. Designed to be, honestly. She doesn’t have any strong personality traits and is honestly just mostly on the show to have a reaction to things. Luckily, Chevre not only looks like her but with her normal type personality she’s going to blend in just as well as Chevre.

Ellen is a lot like Chevre but, as a zebra, she sticks out like a sore thumb even if her personality isn’t the cause. Savannah is just like that. Sharing the same normal type personality as Chevre, it would be very likely you’d see a lot of positive interaction between her and Savannah, even if it’s not the most interesting.

Oh Legom. Cursed to really only appear as a weird side character in a bizarre subplot about egg sandwiches, Legom is a bizarre character that brings up a lot of questions to the Beastar universe you genuinely did not want to find yourself asking yourself. And Becky, while not an aesthetic match, shares Legom’s snooty personality. This proud hen will continuously let her know how proud she is of herself, even if you don’t necessarily want to know why.

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