10 Animal Crossing villagers that’ll turn your island into Beastars

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It wouldn’t be Beastars without its dwarf (rabbit) star. Haru is the one character pretty much all storylines revolve around. Haru also pairs wonderfully with Ruby, who is also based off a dwarf rabbit, albeit an albino. Plus, Ruby’s peppy personality brings the Haru semblance alive.

Bill is the resident dumb jock archetype of any high school drama, animal or otherwise. What better way to celebrate that is with Rowan, the tiger of the same color scheme who also has a jock personality.

Jack is the Mister Peanutbutter to Legoshi’s Bojack Horseman. Jack is charming, loveable, horribly naive and the goodest boy ever. Benjamin is about as close as Animal Crossing is willing to get to that. I was torn between Benjamin and Patches, but Benjamin is less of a nightmare.