Nintendo: Bowser deserves his own spin-off franchise

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Bowser has always been the centered villain when it comes to the Mario franchise. It’s time that he takes center stage and spins-off his own franchise.

Mario has always been one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. The first thing that comes to people’s heads when they hear the name Nintendo is that little mustached plumber.

Mario has grown into more than just a video game character. He’s an icon. People who know nothing about video games know who Mario is; that is how popular his franchise has become. However, if you mention the name Bowser to someone, they would have to know a lot more about Mario video games to know who he was — which is a terrible shame.

Most of all Mario games that include a story mode revolve around trying to defeat Bowser and saving the princess. I just finished Mario Tennis Aces and one of the last bosses you fight in the story mode is Bowser as you make your way to Bowser’s Castle. It is no secret that when it comes to Mario there is a very high chance Bowser is the reason for all things haywire. With how popular Nintendo has become, there is no better time than now to give this beloved villain his own spin-off franchise.

All the times that we have seen Bowser, we never really learned about his background story in depth. We know that he is evil, has spikes on his back, and that he has a child named Baby Bowser. But that doesn’t answer much wanted questions. Who did Bowser mate with to get Baby Bowser? Does Bowser have a wife? Why is Bowser so evil? Did he have a rough childhood? You would think that Nintendo would want to elaborate on his background a little more and make millions of dollars off their character, but they haven’t done so as of yet.

I feel like sometimes Nintendo is afraid to stray away from the Mario franchise, which often leads to rushed versions of Mario games. Mario dates back all the way to the early 80’s, but with how popular the Nintendo Switch has been, fans would no doubt love to learn more about this famous villain.

Learning about Bowser’s past would really give Nintendo fans something to talk about. Imagine how cool that would be to play a video game as Bowser himself. Maybe even roam Bowser’s Castle and instead of trying to defeat Bowser, you would be trying to fend of Mario and his crew of heroes.

With all the different games that Bowser has appeared in, Nintendo is able to go really in-depth on his storyline of the Mario franchise. Nintendo is obviously not hurting for any more money than they already have, but they wouldn’t deny a little extra more. A spin-off Bowser franchise would completely add a brand new chapter in Nintendo’s book that would finally get the villains spotlight that he so rightfully deserves.

Back in 2017 rumors were being spread galore because Nintendo actually filed a trademark for Bowser. This led many people to believe that finally the time has come to give the fire-breathing turtle his own franchise. However, that has not happened yet.

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Nintendo, now is the time to make the move. More and more kids are starting to get into the Switch. Super Mario Odyssey remains one of the best games for the console. Nintendo needs to educate the past, present, and future generations of gamers and allow us into the life of Bowser’s past. Bowser has always been a character that fans have loved to hate so please let us learn more about him.

There are so many directions they would be able to take his story as well. Being the King of all Koopas, we can have a game leading an army of Koopas. We can have a game revolving around Bowser’s Castle in general. We can even have a game that would team up with other Nintendo villains such as King Boo, Waluigi, and Wario and fight against the protagonists of the Mario franchise. There are many directions they can take Bowser’s story. If Wario warranted his own spin-off games then Bowser is no doubt big enough to have his own.

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The ball is in Nintendo’s court now. For a character that has appeared in almost every single Mario game to ever exist, it is very hard to believe that we have gone almost 40 years without some sort of Bowser game. I have a very good feeling that Nintendo is aware of this and we can be seeing a Bowser spin-off game sooner rather than later.