Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Spring 2020 updates and events announced

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Nintendo Switch - Spring 2020 update
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Nature Day (April 23-May 4)

What better way to celebrate the appearance of Leif than with a Nature Day event. April 23 to May 4, players will receive a wealth of Nook Point bonuses from doing everything from planting trees, watering flowers and throwing away trash. Basically being a good person.

I’m not seeing anything else beyond that so far, but hopefully there’s exclusive items and what not. Either way, the inclusion of bushes and Leif is enough for me to be excited about. Especially if he can get a permanent shop fixture eventually.

May Day Tour (May 1-7)

When you get on the game between the May 1 – May 7 you’ll receive a special May Day Ticket. You only get one and it can only be used once (so make sure you’re free for a moment) but it takes you to a special island that Nintendo states “looks different from the normal island tours”.

There isn’t much information on what exactly you do here though the island does look like a huge maze but there are two points of interest at around the same time. First, it looks like if you explore the maze you’ll get a special tool of some kind. Not sure what it is but so help me it better not be something that can break.

The big one that got me hyped though is at 1:10 in the trailer. ROVER. The Animal Crossing character I missed the most. The cat that normally welcomes you to Animal Crossing is on the island. Hopefully this also means that Rover’s sibling, Blanca, won’t be far behind. I actually talked about them in my list of 10 characters I can’t wait to see added.