Warframe guide: How to farm for and build Titania Prime

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Titania Prime Access is now available in Warframe. Check out this guide for the best farming tips and how to build the warframe.

Titania, mischievous pixie, has been disorienting and enchanting enemies since she first debuted in Warframe back in 2016’s Silver Grove update. Nearly four years later, her primed variant, Titania Prime, is now available. The gilded temptress is ready to terrify her foes with higher health, armor and energy than her normal counterpart.

While you can get instant access to Titania Prime through the Prime Access shop for Platinum, you are also able to farm for her relics and build the warframe yourself. Opting for the latter does take a bit more time but you can follow this guide for what relics you’ll need and where to find them.

As per usual, building Titania Prime requires the blueprint, chassis, neuroptics and systems. Here’s where you can find them:

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Blueprint – Uncommon – Lith M5

Lith M5 relics are best farmed from Hepit in the Void. The Capture mission is quick and easy and practically guarantees a Lith Relic upon completion. An alternative for newer players is Olympus, the disruption mission on Mars.

Chassis – Common – Neo M3

Head to Ur, the Disruption mission on Uranus. Defending all four conduits guarantees a Neo relic. You can also complete the Ukko Capture mission which has a chance of dropping a Neo or Meso relic. Since you’ll need a Meso E4 relic as well (as you’ll see below), this might be worth running.

Neuroptics – Uncommon – Meso E4

Head to IO on Jupiter for. Since A rotation has a very high chance of dropping a Meso Relic, do 10 waves of the Defense mission, leave and repeat. Again, Ukko Capture mission might be a better alternative if you don’t have the Neo M3 for the Chassis.

Systems – Rare – Axi T5

Head to Apollo on Lua and complete the Disruption mission. Defend all four conduits for a guaranteed Axi relic drop. Alternatively, you can complete Xini on Erix, an Interception mission that grants Axi relics on rounds three and four. Xini also gives a chance of Neo relics in rounds one and two.

Once you have the relics, you can begin manufacturing Titania Prime. Here are the costs associated:


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Morphics
  • 1,000 Ferrite
  • 300 Rubedo


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 150 Alloy Plate
  • 1 Neural Sensors
  • 150 Polymer Bundle
  • 500 Rubedo


  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1 Controle Module
  • 1 Morphics
  • 500 Salvage
  • 220 Plastids

When you’ve got all three components, you can manufacture Titania Prime. It costs 25,000 more Credits and 72 hours.

Next. Warframe will likely release on PS5 and Xbox Series X. dark

Besides looking really cool, Titania Prime is just the second warframe to have a custom walk and spring animation. She actually floats instead of walks, which is pretty awesome.