TFT best team comps (patch 10.6): How to play Shaco carry with Dark Star

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Follow this guide for the Teamfight Tactics/TFT patch 10.6 guide to Dark Star team comp with Shaco as the main carry.

TFT: Galaxies has been out for over a week now. The dust has started to settle and the most powerful team compositions and strongest champions are starting to emerge. One of those champions is Shaco, the Demon Jester.

While Set 3 of Teamfight Tactics is considerably more balanced than we’ve seen with previous sets, there are a few champions and comps that stand out. Shaco and Dark Star is one of them.

The Dark Star/Shaco carry composition is probably one of the most straightforward ones in TFT currently. The goal is to put together a team featuring all six Dark Star champions with an emphasis on three-starring Shaco and making him your carry. Here are the six Dark Star champions you’ll want to get:

  • Jarvan IV (Protector) – 1G
  • Mordekaiser (Vanguard) – 2G
  • Shaco (Infilitrator) – 3G
  • Karma (Mystic) – 3G
  • Lux (Sorcerer)- 3G
  • Jhin (Sniper) – 4G

This will be your core. When a Dark Star dies, it willg ive increased damage and previous stacks of this effect to the nearest ally Dark Star. With six of them, you get 80% increased Damage. If done right and Shaco is your last unit standing, that’s a ton of late-round damage.

With that in mind, here are the items you’ll want to prioritize on Shaco:

  • Bloodthirster (B.F. Sword + Negatron Cloak)
  • Infinity Edge (B.F. Sword + Sparring Gloves)
  • Guardian Angel (B.F. Sword + Chainmail Vest)

I’ve seen other recommendations, like Spear of Shojin, Dragon’s Claw and The Bloodthirster as well.

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You’ll the final two champions of your comp to be Ekko (Cybernetic/Infiltrator) and Wukong (Chrono/Vanguard). This will give you an eight champion team comp providing the following bonuses:

  • 6 Dark Star (Increased damage and previous stacks of this effect to nearest ally Dark Star – 80% increased damaged)
  • 2 Infiltrator (Infiltrators jump to back of enemy territory at start of combat and gain ATtack Speed for the first 6 seconds of combat – 50% attack speed)
  • 2 Vanguard (60 bonus Armor for Vanguards)

Positioning with this composition is very easy. Place Jarvan, Mordekaiser and Wukong on the frontline with one space between them. Place Karma in the back left corner with Shaco right next to her on the right. Put Jhin in the back row middle. Lastly, put Lux in the back right corner with Ekko next to her on the left.