Clash Royale Season 9 celebrates game’s birthday with Cake Tower skins, Royal Delivery card

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Clash Royale is turning four years old and Season 9 is celebrating with a giant birthday celebration; giant cake, a new card and more are coming!

Season 9 of Clash Royale will kick off tomorrow, also marking the game’s fourth birthday.  The new season will celebrate the anniversary with appropriately themed birthday cosmetics but players can also expect a new card, the Royal Delivery.

Obviously you can’t celebrate a birthday without cake. And this is Supercell we’re talking about, so they are going big with Season 9. This season’s arena will be a giant birthday cake.

"“The King has ordered himself a gigantic birthday cake. The cake is being delivered throughout the Kingdom. You’ll be able to play your battles atop a giant moving cake.”"

TV Royale provided us with a glimpse at the new arena which is bright pink with frosting. There are also red and blue balloons to mark the occasion.

Season 9 will also have matching Birthday Cake Tower Skins. Those who purchase the Pass Royale ($4.99) can unlock the Season 9 Tower Skin at level 10. It looks like a giant slice of birthday cake, complete with candles on top. There are also new birthday emotes available, including one at level 20 of the Pass Royale.

Also coming in Season 9 is a brand new card: the Royal Delivery. This is a common, three-elixir cost Common Spell. It has evolved a bit since conception and the result is this new intriguing defensive card.

The Royal Delivery takes three seconds to deploy. When it arrives (on your side of the Arena), a box will come flying down out of the hair, hitting and damaging any flying troops on the way down. When it hits the ground, it will also damage any enemy ground troops.

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That’s not all. Upon hitting the ground, it will break open and out pops a Royal Recruit with the same stats as a normal Royal Recruit.

Supercell explains this is a great card to pair with the Princess as well as the Mortar. “When you play the Mortar, you know they’ll block it,” the developer explained. “You use the Royal Delivery down to catch that.”

The Royal Delivery will be available at the start of Season 9 and will be boosted to your King Tower level. You’ll be able to unlock it through Challenges and the Trophy Road. Marking this card’s arrival is a new game mode where Royal Deliveries are shipped en masse from the King and come crashing down onto the Arena riverbed.

Closing out TV Royale, Supercell revealed some balance changes as well as a sneak peek of “something big” they are working on this year. It’s some very interesting concept art which features the characters from the Clash universe pointing towards a new volcanic land with what looks to be P.E.K.K.A.-inspired rock formations.

Is it a new game? The studio’s last release was Brawl Stars back in 2018  and it looks like Supercell does release a new game every two years or so. Clash Royale released in 2016 and before that was Boom Beach in 2014.