Pokemon: Is Cinderace inspired by Cristiano Ronaldo?


Pokemon & soccer fans have much love for the new fire-type starter Cinderace, who is the biggest soccer star in Galar, but is he based on Cristiano Ronaldo?

By now, trainers who have played through or just started playing Pokemon Sword and Shield have already made their decision with what will be their primary tool for the remainder of their journey: deciding what starter Pokemon they will use.

The choices between Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble were the choices for starter Pokemon in this generation reprising with the tradition of their types being grass, fire, and water. The trend has always been in popularity for the fire-type starter to be the most popular one, drawing back to Charizard in the very first Pokemon game.

There is no doubt that Scorbunny and the evolutionary Pokemon that follow it, Raboot and Cinderace, were one of the most popular amongst players. Cinderace, the final evolution to Scorbunny, has admirable features that every fan wondering the inspiration behind the character.

It is already well-known that Galar is based on the United Kingdom with a great deal of its culture, geography, landmarks, etc, inspired by the nation. Association football, or soccer, is a national sport in the UK and has a huge following with fans that reach all over with the English Premier League.

Cinderace has the highest privilege of being inspired by a soccer player. The guilty pleasure for fans of Pokemon and soccer is having to relate it to their favorite soccer club. However, what soccer legend has given the features that inspire Cinderace?

After training Cinderace for the first time, I noticed that the character shares some of the same celebrations as Cristiano Ronaldo when performing its cry. Even with Cinderace’s signature move Pyro Ball, it almost looked like the footwork and volleys that Ronaldo performs when handling the soccer ball.

Cinderace also shows a great profile, which is another strong resemblance to Ronaldo and his dashing good looks. As previously mentioned, fire-type starters happen to be the most popular chosen by players and there is no denying Ronaldo is one of the most popular soccer star on the planet.

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Cinderace joins the ranks alongside the other fire-type starters of the franchise of being a popular choice as a player’s first Pokemon. If the trend for Pokemon is to continue making games based on real-life regional areas, we would love to see more starters based on inspirational people. Cristiano Ronaldo may not be a Pokemon fan, but he should be honored that Cinderace seems to have been inspired by him.