What we learned and expected from Pokemon Direct


The first Pokemon Direct of 2020 revealed some new content for Pokemon Sword and Shield and also promised new features for Pokemon fans to get excited for!

Last Thursday, Nintendo and Game Freak shared their first Pokemon Direct of the year with new content they promised to follow-up within their latest release Pokemon Sword and Shield. The news released featured some content that has put some controversy to rest with the franchise after some mixed reviews even before the games were released.

With some of the announcements made yesterday, it’s easy to dissect what expectations to hold with Pokemon this year.

Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Packs

The good (and bad) news that Game Freak announced was that there will be new exclusive content for Sword and Shield this year with two new downloadable content for players to access.

The first to be offered this summer will be “Isle of Armor” which will be released towards the end of June, the second will follow with “Crown Tundra” by the end of November. The uplifting news that the creators announced is that the Pokédex will increase an additional 200 species with the release of both contents. This news also included new Pokemon to be featured in Galar with Kubfu and Calyrex. The package for both DLC’s available will cost $29.99 for trainers everywhere to purchase when the time is available for their release.

Pokemon Direct
Photo: Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Credit: The Pokémon Company International /

A good majority of fans rejoiced to hear that there will be more Pokemon featured in the new adventure in the franchise. There was a disappointment when fans first heard that the Pokédex was limited due to the concept of development challenges that the creators faced. It was announced that the expansion packs are to include more Pokemon from the past is taken more to relief for more trainers than some.

Others have left the question if these expansion packs are incomplete content that the creators could not get to finish before the release of Sword and Shield. Still, even to what Pokemon featured in the Pokemon Direct yesterday gives the promise to feature at least more than half of the National Pokédex, and some favorite species making their debut in the new franchise installment.

The announcement also featured new Galarian species to be introduced with the expansions. The teaser that Sword and Shield players get to experience before the release is a chance to catch Galarian Slowpoke. The new species of Slowpoke will have a new evolutionary form in Galar when exposed to one of the two expansion packs, meaning that trainers will have to wait to see what Galarain Slowbro or Slowking will look like when exposed to certain items in each expansion pack.

The Pokemon Direct also hinted at different variations of older Pokemon having Galarian forms. Detailed artwork showed that there are new forms of the Legendary Birds and Titans awaiting trainers to discover in these new expansion packs. The anticipation for trainers will be exciting for trainers when the content becomes available this year!

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX

The Pokemon Direct kicked off with a trailer for an old title that is being revisited for a remaster for the Nintendo Switch. The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series will be revived with Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX.

The remake will be the first Pokémon title to be released in 2020 with the game available in the first week of March. In addition to the new game being released, a demo was available to play the game after the end of the Pokemon Direct feature. Saved content for players that play the demo will be able to carry over their data when the actual release of the game becomes available to Pokemon fans everywhere.

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Pokemon Home

Lastly, the highly anticipated application that will be available to trainers is set to be released by this February. Pokemon Home is the next application of storage cloud service for fans of the franchise to access from their Switch, computer, or phone.

Pokemon Home will also allow the player to send Pokémon from Pokemon Bank, Pokemon GO! and the early Switch titles with Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee. Fans are left with questioning if the cloud service will cost anything. For the ones that pay for Pokemon Bank and the service provided, it almost sounds too good to be true that it would be for free. Still, the release will be the first expansion of bringing prior Pokemon from different games to be played on Sword and Shield.