Temtem guide: Where to find Luma Temtem and how to catch them

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In the world of Temtem, Luma Temtem are special variants of these creatures, inspired by Shiny Pokemon, that are extremely rare. Here’s how to find them.

Released in mid-January, Temtem is essentially a fantasy MMO in which you explore a world and capture unique creatures to add to your collection. The game has drawn comparisons to Pokemon because, well, it’s very similar in nature.

One of the similarities you may encounter while playing Temtem is something called Luma Temtem. Inspired by shiny Pokemon, Luma Temtem are alternative color variants to the normal Temtem species with a special lighting effect that makes the look like they are glowing. In some instances, they’ll also have a special effect around them, like sparkles or a shiny or starry trailer. They also spawn with three perfect Single Values (stats).

Where to find Luma Temtem

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to find Luma Temtem. And with a 1 in 6,000 chance at present, it’s all random luck with no way to increase these chances of encountering one at the moment.

How to catch Luma Temtem

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In the chance that you do encounter a Luma Temtem, you’ll know by the color variant and special effect.  If you run into one, you’ll want to get its health down to red as this will increase your chances of capture when you use a TemCard.

You’ll want to inflict the “Asleep” status condition to ensure that the Luma Temtem won’t damage and faint itself. Try not to use “Burnt,” as this could encourage the Luma Temtem to faint.

When the Luma Temtem’s health is in the red and it’s asleep, throw a TemCard and hope for the best.

I wish there was more to it than this, but there’s not. The hardest part of capturing a Luma Temtem is finding one and, unfortunately, there seems to be no known way to boost these chances.

Do you have any methods of capturing a Luma Temtem? Share your advice in the comments below!