Destiny 2: Corridors of Time puzzle has finally been solved, unlocks Bastion quest

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The Corridors of Time puzzle in Destiny 2 has been solved, resulting in a new quest to acquire the Bastion Exotic Fusion Rifle.

For the past week, Guardians have been feverishly working to solve the Corridors of Time, a mysterious new puzzle in Destiny 2. It was a test of attrition that took six days and who knows how many thousands of combined hours to finally solve the puzzle; but, it has been done.

Players and streamers worked together online, cracking codes and solving hints. The end result of their combined efforts was a map and code with 30 symbols required to navigate through a complex maze.  And what did we get for all of our hard work?

Well, there was a twist upon reaching the end of the maze, which I won’t talk about as to avoid spoilers. But the prizes include “The Pigeon and the Phoenix” Lore Book, “Savior of the Past” Legendary emblem and, most notably, the start of a new Exotic quest, “Memento.”

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Completing this secondary quest, which thankfully is not nearly as long or complex as the Corridors of Time, results in acquiring the Exotic Fusion Rifle, Bastion. Interestingly, the Bastion exotic quest was first teased in Bungie’s Season 9 calendar roadmap back in December; however, it wasn’t expected to begin until January 28.

It seems that completing the Corridors of Time allows players to acquire the Bastion a week early. But that can’t be it, right? The speculation is mixed right now.

Some believe there could be more to this quest, while others just suspect that Bungie probably expected the Corridors of Time to take a little more time. The latter half thinks that on January 28, the Chronometric Core will become available as a pick-up from  Saint-14, essentially allowing all players to start the quest regardless of the Corridors of Time. In other words, this entire puzzle was just a fun way to get the community to work together to unlock the weapon early.

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Reception to the Corridors of Time, both the puzzle and reward, have been mixed. Personally, I think this sort of event is exactly the type of thing that makes Destiny so unique and special. Very few games are able to get the entire community to rally and work together to solve a puzzle, yet Bungie consistently finds ways to pull it off with Destiny. The rewards may not always live up to player expectations, but it’s the journey — whether the raids or these random puzzles — that creates such great memories.