31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games that’ll haunt your Halloween

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10. Monster Hunter World – Nergigante

A monster from Monster Hunter World had to make it onto this list because, well, monsters.  One of the toughest monsters within the game is known as the Nergigante. This creature is a massive spiked elder dragon with two insanely large horns on its head. Its jaw is lined with razor-sharp knives for teeth. This creature would most certainly rip anyone in half.

The Nergigante is extremely hostile to players and other monsters. It will frequently grow spikes on areas of its body. Players need to hit these spikes when they are fresh so they can be broken. If they are unable to, then the spikes will deflect damage and deal more damage with certain attacks. This creaturs also has an attack that can one-hit players once it dives onto them. Be wary of this attack.

11. Detroit: Become Human – Humans

Detroit: Become Human takes place in the distant future where androids become a social norm. Androids are almost indistinguishable from humans. The developers of the game, Quantic Dream, made the player sympathize with the androids because they are the protagonists. Many humans in the game have great spite for androids which makes them show their true nature.

Humans are known to do terrible things in the world and this game truly captures that in great light. Furthermore, humans are the cause of a lot of bad things in the world which makes today’s society more terrifying to live in. Humans in Detroit: Become Human are just a glimpse into what we are capable of. Truthfully, it shakes us to the core.