31 terrifying monsters and enemies from video games that’ll haunt your Halloween

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12. Sea of Thieves – Kraken

One of Sea of Thieves’ most compelling pieces of content is the Kraken. Players are whiplashed by the very thought of a giant tentacle creature grasping their pirate ship. This creature is a random event in the game and will have your blood pumping once it appears. Pirates need to act fast to keep its tentacles from destroying the ship entirely.

The Kraken is able to pick up players where they struggle to survive. Allied pirates need to shoot the tentacles to shake their friends free. The interaction with this creature is unlike anything else in the game. Watching giant tentacles grow toward the sky until you eventually realize they are surrounding you is a horrifying experience.

13. Dead by Daylight – The Hag

Dead by Daylight is full of killers who will chill you to the bone. Our last list featured The Huntress who hummed her way to your death. On this list, we had to pick The Hag. If her look is not enough to scare you then her abilities certainly are. What makes The Hag so menacing is her sympathetic backstory. She was on her way home one night when she was kidnapped. The kidnappers were cannibals and feasted on her and others for weeks. They carved chunks out of them to assure their survival and the preservation of their food.

Eventually, the girl was able to escape. She could not make it far enough before her wounds got the better of her. Before her dying breath, she scratched symbols from her people into the floor. The Hag is a victim who is out for revenge. The symbols in her back story play into her abilities. She can etch these symbols in places around the map. If a survivor walks over them then a decoy of her pops up causing insane jump scares.