TFT mission guide: How to earn 50 interest in a single game

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One of the weekly challenges in TFT requires you to earn 50 interest in a single game. Here’s how to best save your gold and complete the mission.

We did it, fam. We’ve officially reached the final week of Teamfight Tactics‘ Beta Pass V2. With the current beta season of TFT set to end on October 8, this means it’s your last chance to complete weekly missions and push towards the Golden Spatulas Icon for the tier 13 reward.

In doing so, you might have to complete the mission “Earn 50 interest in a single game.” This mission, like many others, is designed to teach you about the mechanics of TFT. In this case, Riot is trying to show you how to “econ.”

An important strategic element of TFT is your ability to manage your gold, maximizing your gold intake and knowing when to spend it at the right moments. This mission is teaching you one of the basic elements of TFT‘s economy — earning gold through “interest,” the bonus gold you are rewarded based on the amount of gold you already have.

In Teamfight Tactics, you collect interest for every 10 gold you have. Interest is calculated at the end of every round and provides +1 gold for every 10 gold you have, so if you have 10 gold, you earn one gold interest. If you have 20 gold, you get 20 gold in interest, and so on all the way to the maximum amount of 50 gold for +5 gold in interest.

Unlike a previous mission, which required you to earn 20 gold in interest in a single stage, this one is a bit more forgiving. It only asks that you earn 50 interest in a single game, which actually isn’t that hard if you last towards the later stages.

Obviously, the easiest way to accomplish this mission is to just hoard your gold. Remember, having 50 gold saved gets you the maximum interest of 5 gold, so you’ll want to aim for this.

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You’ll want to run a modest losing streak to gain bonus gold early on, but try to mitigate the damage. It’s easier to maintain a lose-streak into mid-game than it is to keep a winning streak alive.

You’ll also want to hit your interest thresholds as soon as possible, so don’t buy too many units outside of your core champions and don’t level up before you reach 50 gold. That means ignoring the prompt that the game gives you, urging you to buy XP to level up.

If you have extra units to sell that could get you to the next interest threshold, you should probably do it if you determine you don’t need them. If you can’t reach an interest threshold in that round, you could buy some champions and then sell them in the next round to hit the next interest tier.

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To sum it up, save as much gold as possible by only leveling up your core champions that you plan to build around. Mitigate your damage early on as you save your gold so that you’re not eliminated too early on.