Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Dimitri and Felix

What can I say? I absolutely adore Felix, but I promise this is the last support to feature him. He might not be the sweetest person, but he is a fantastic character that I fell in love with due to his upbringing in the game’s overall story, especially in the Blue Lions route. Therefore, his supports with Dimitri is savage but well written.

The C support has him absolutely disgusted by Dimitri. To my relief, he took it well and mentions that Felix is growing like his brother. Felix then states that Dimitri is a bloodthirsty beast. This support shows Dimitri’s dark side from Felix’s words. He was very savage as Felix describes, and he states that the Dimitri he knew died alongside his brother.

The B support is somewhat lackluster to the previous support as the two talk about a blade Felix has in his possession, which came from a merchant. After Dimitri compliments its form, Felix tells him he will not hold it, due to an incident that involves him swinging a sword to the point it cut in half. Felix then implies that the story of his brother has been told for years and he couldn’t continue staring at Dimitri for long, so he leaves.

The A support takes place after Rodrigue’s death, and Felix has a question for Dimitri who thankfully gained control of his sanity. He asks him what is his true face: an animal’s or a man’s. Dimitri answers that both of them are his true faces. Felix tells Dimitri that there are boundaries for those that are alive or dead, and if the latter leans onto the dead, it will steer him away from his people who are still alive. He bears the pain of losing his father and brother, but he moves forward.

This helps Dimitri learn about Felix’s perspectives on emotion and that it’s better to stand up and keep going without wallowing in regret and mourning. Dimitri does have a point for stating that Felix is growing more like his brother, but he also learns to keep his head up due to being the heir to the Kingdom of Faerghus.