Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Dimitri and Dedue

As a lot of Fire Emblem fans have stated, Dimitri and Dedue have the best bromance in the game. Their supports just has a lot of feels for how Dedue is incredibly devoted to Dimitri. The C support a standard start to their conversation with Dedue willing to accompany Dimitri. He even calls him Your Highness, in which Dimitri tells Dedue to just call him by his name. While he does appreciate his service, Dimitri shows his concerns to him because Dedue is too loyal, as the latter calls himself a vassal.

The B support has kingdom soldiers gossip about Dimitri always being with Dedue and that the latter used dirty tricks to gain the former’s favor. Dimitri intervenes and it scares off the soldiers. Dedue then comes by and is told by Dimitri about the situation. While the Duscur-born man does show concern about the future king’s reputation, Dimitri instead shows concern for his.

We then get word from Dimitri that it was not a person from Duscur that killed his father. The blame was put on Duscur and the people suffered from it with the cost of their lives. As Dedue states, he considers “Faerghus to be abhorrent,” but Dimitri was not like those that killed his people. Due to Dedue’s incredible dedication, Dimitri decides to let him continue with his ways.

The A support is very wholesome and just too sweet to not like. It was thought that Dedue sacrificed himself to ensure Dimitri from being executed (but if Dedue’s paralogue has not been completed, he will be dead). Dimitri mentions that if he had not saved Dedue, he would have been the only survivor of the massacre. He also brings up that Dedue saved him as well and that became his crutch to keep on going.

Despite being a loyal servant, Dedue still considers himself as a vassal, but Dimitri is hurt by this. He considers Dedue as a dear friend, someone who is irreplaceable and cherished. No matter how many hardships he must endure, Dedue is still his dear friend, as Dimitri says in the conversation. Even though he will have to deal with Dedue’s overprotectiveness, he still appreciates him for everything ever since they’ve met.

This support had me tearing up and despite Dimitri’s demons, he still has that kind heart to reach out for others when they are in desperate need of help.