Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Felix and Sylvain

How do you start off a support conversation that includes Sylvain? Why, by asking a guy friend to go chat with girls of course! Pretty much like most of us, we can relate to Felix by telling him to go by himself. They have known each other due to their parents’ friendship and then Sylvain brings up that Felix would come crying to him when he fought with Dimitri or lost to his brother. He even calls him a cute baby brother, which infuriates Felix.

Despite Sylvain apologizing, Felix mentions that he has been patient and is now tired of him always talking about women. The B support is honestly somewhat frustrating, but nothing to sneeze at either. In short, Felix apologizes to Sylvain, and then the redhead mentions that Felix has changed a lot while the dark blue-haired says otherwise. This got them into an argument and Sylvain asks for their friendship or for Felix to continue training. Knowing Felix, he picks the latter.

The A support has Felix giving Sylvain candy that a girl gave him. The latter thought that Felix wanted help in getting closer to a girl, but Felix corrects him and thanks him for helping him in battle. Sylvain shrugs it off cooly by saying that’s what friends are for. He then offers Felix to go eat with him and because he saved him, Felix obliges. As soon as Sylvain mentions girls along with eating and talking, he leaves him, which is still understandable due to his thirstiness.

The second part takes a dramatic turn with Sylvain risking his life to save Felix once again, and the latter scolds him about it. This support conversation goes into detail about their past and referencing that they made a deal about sticking together until their deaths. Felix simply tells Sylvain to stop fooling around and to just be safe, but he thanks him for his help.

I’ll be honest, I do see myself shipping these two together, but not as hardcore. Despite what happened that made these two somewhat distant, their friendship is still strong. And while I did not get their ending, it is honestly very sweet.