Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Dedue and Mercedes

What I really love about Dedue and Mercedes’ support is how they talk about their different religions and cultures. Even though Mercedes is deeply devoted to the goddess Seiros, she remained respectful towards Dedue’s upbringing from Duscur, which had more numbers of gods the people believed in.

In the C support, Dedue catches Mercedes praying to the goddess, having been sent by Dimitri to come get her. Mercedes explains that her prayers are for everyone’s safety, desserts, and to pass her exam. Dedue comments on how the goddess accepts prayers of any kind and that made Mercedes ask him about Duscur’s goddess.

On the contrary, Duscur’s religion has multiple gods. Dedue explains that his people pray to certain gods in times of need, like the war and sea gods. When Mercedes asks more about his religion, Dedue mentions that his home is in ruins, but the former claims that he’s still alive. That left an impact on him and I really wanted to see them talk more.

The B support starts off with Mercedes learning about the creation of Duscur, which resulted in a conflict between the earth and sky gods. Despite being a different religion, Mercedes is really drawn to it, but Dedue mentions there are not many of his people to pass down the legends of Duscur. Mercedes encourages Dedue to talk about the history of Duscur, but he mentions that Faerghus is an enemy as the country is responsible for killing his people. Despite that, Mercedes never held any grudge against him or his people.

They exchange recipes while Mercedes explained that she is the last of her father’s family, due to the Adrestian Empire wiping out her family. While both have tragic upbringings regarding lost family and homeland, these two find comfort in each other.

The A support has Mercedes this time seeing Dedue pray to the Fódlan goddess and got worried if the Duscur gods will be angry. The Fódlan goddess, as Dedue puts it, was recognized in Duscur. He then tells her he’s praying for peace and serve Dimitri for the rest of his life. Mercedes confesses to Dedue that she plans to travel to Duscur. He offers to accompany her and she is overjoyed at the thought.

The support then ends with them praying for the end of the war and safe travels to Duscur. These two are really endearing together due to their somewhat similar upbringings and their ending is satisfactory for me.