Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Dedue and Felix

What I really love about Felix is how tsundere he can be in most of his conversations. In hindsight, Felix seems like a complete jerk to Dedue, but this support between the two is one where you cannot unlock the B support until the time skip.

The C support starts off with Felix calling Dedue the boar’s lapdog, and the latter tells him not to mock Dimitri. The swordsman then asks why Dedue follows Dimitri, and his answer explains how Duscur and his family were destroyed by Faerghus. However, Dimitri saw him and his people for who they are and saved him.

Felix mentions that it is blind obedience and asks the Duscur-born man if he would die for him, and the latter answered yes without hesitation. Even a senseless massacre, a massacre of children, elderly if requested by Dimitri. However, Dedue states that he is Dimitri’s sword and shield.

While this conversation might not seem much, it does raise the morality of one’s self whenever they are very dedicated to someone. Felix might have been brash, but he does bring up interesting questions. The B support would take a somewhat sweet turn and waiting to unlock the next support was worth it.

It is mentioned by Felix that Dedue defended him during a battle. Dedue reasons that Felix’s strength would be a significant loss. He then brings up Felix’s brother, who died in Duscur. He hopes that Dedue would not glorify his death like how father did. But Dedue doesn’t.

He would have done the same in Glenn’s position. After that, he asks what stood out to me in the conversation, ” Is it really so unnatural to put one’s life on the line to protect a brother in arms?” Despite being incredibly dedicated to Dimitri, Dedue is just a protective guy at heart and I can’t help but warm up to him more after that.

Afterward, Felix states that Dedue’s death would be unpleasant and for a guy like him, it was nice of him to say that. The support eventually ends on a somewhat funny note with the swordsman telling Dedue that if he dies in battle, he’ll kill him. Dedue asks how can he do that if he’s already dead, which makes Felix fluster.

Despite only having two conversations, Felix and Dedue manage to bring an interesting one. It’s not hard to understand Dedue’s dedication to Dimitri while Felix is blunt but reasonable.