Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Felix and Annette

Annette’s singing is an endearing and clever way to start the C support. When Felix shows up, I knew I was going to be in for such a treat. And to anyone’s surprise, Felix is not being cold, but rather curious. Annette is so embarrassed that it is adorable. She was also dancing and Felix manages to witness that as well, complimenting her footwork. He also offers to take over in watering the plants for her, but Annette snaps at him.

She states that it is not right to spy on people, but Felix rightfully mentions that he was coming into the garden house. When Annette comments that she should have sung about swamp beasts or bears, Felix mentions how the food song she made was close to her heart, followed by saying that the heart and stomach are close together. The redhead gets upset and runs off, leaving Felix to wonder what just happened in the conversation.

The C support is an overall funny conversation between the two and I got hooked in what they would say to each other next. The B support has Annette taking over Felix’s duty in cleaning the garden house, which is surprising after being supposedly embarrassed by him hearing her sing. Annette confesses that she wanted to bribe him to make him forget about her singing.

Annette offers to take over Felix’s duties if he forgets, but he declines. As he states, it is impossible to forget the imagery of food from Annette’s singing. He was also intrigued by the mention of swamp beasts and bears. The redhead thinks that she is being mocked by Felix, which is completely not true at all, and he was trying to be nice.

It seems like it’s easy to pick on Annette for overreacting, but how she does it is super charming and the swordsman taking it all in while actually being nice is a wonderful continuation to their support. Both parts in the A support trumps all of them, coming into full circle as Annette cleans in the library while singing. Of course, Felix witnesses her singing and asks her where the books will be after the library explodes.

Annette mentions other songs she could have done and Felix is intrigued by the other songs. Funnily enough, Felix wants to know what happened after the library was blown up. Annette gathers the courage to sing the song from the beginning of the conversation, but it doesn’t answer Felix’s question.

The next part takes them back in the garden house with the redhead asking why the swordsman is back in the building. His answer was because of Annette and she was shocked as to why. Felix answers that he wants her to sing and he’s extremely captivated by it. Later on Felix starts blushing, and I absolutely adore it when he does. Annette then offers to sing for Felix from time to time and he accepts.

While I love Felix with all my heart, I honestly ship these two because they have funny conversations accompanied with Annette’s cute singing.