Fire Emblem: Three Houses: 10 best Blue Lions support conversations

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Intelligent Systems knows how to create fleshed-out characters, and Fire Emblem: Three Houses delivers. Here are 10 of the best support conversations in the Blue Lions house.

As I continue my Fire Emblem: Three Houses journey, the Blue Lions route struck a chord in me. As much as I love the Black Eagles cast and talked about their supports, Dimitri and his gang are dynamic and engaging. Since most of the bosses, at least before the time skip, are related to some of the characters, it showed me that this route would not be easy for them.

The story felt more complex and motivating, dealing with themes such as acceptance of loss. Dimitri might as well be in the top five lords in the Fire Emblem series due to his progression as a character. This is not just about him, but the other amazing Blue Lions students as well.

Like with the Black Eagles list, this will only focus on the Blue Lions cast and not the other students or faculty. There will be spoilers for character endings and going into detail with the supports, so there is your warning.

Here is my list of the 10 best support conversations from the Blue Lions house!

Mercedes and Annette

This support between Annette and Mercedes could have just been typical bantering around best friends, but this conversation shows how these two grow together from studying together to preparing for war. Their C support starts off with them finished with shopping, but Annette shows concern about if their friendship will last forever.

Due to the events of the game, Annette does have the right to worry if things will change between them. Mercedes thinks on this too, but before being interrupted by Annette, was going to say that they can work it out.

The B support takes a surprisingly dark turn when a rogue appears. Annette wants to protect herself and Mercedes, but once the rogue gets away and knights were coming by, they ran to safety. Mercedes mentions that Annette isn’t like herself for trying to pick a fight with the rogue. The redhead claims that she was trying to protect Mercedes, but the latter believes she was at fault for this and leaves Annette, leaving the B support on a sour note.

Then the A support comes by when the time skip occurs and they reconcile. Annette had good intentions to protect her best friend, no matter what. Mercedes apologizes for what happened and admits that she wouldn’t forgive herself if anything happened to Annette. Once they decide on what sweets they should make, that’s how their support ends.

I think their support is adorable, but it does suffer from misunderstandings in the B support, which I find annoying in conversations in general. Whether you want them to stay best friends forever or get a chance to have them paired in their ending, they are a precious duo.