Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Fire Emblem has done it again by bringing us fantastic support conversations. We gather 10 of the best in the Black Eagles house.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been an enormous success worldwide, and the fun is just getting started! With more content coming, Three Houses will have what it takes to become Game of the Year material. I am in love with this game, and it is slowly becoming my favorite Fire Emblem of all time, overtaking Awakening.

One of the features the series is known for is the support conversations. They offer amazing interactions between characters and give off backstories, banter, and develop them as the supports progress. After witnessing these support conversations, I got attached to these characters, brought to life by their talented voice actors.

Since I started with Black Eagles, this list will focus on the characters from that house, and it won’t include other students (and teachers) not from Black Eagles. Those will be lists for another time. There are some spoilers in regards to character endings and going into detail with the supports, so you have been warned.

Here are 10 of my favorite support conversations from the Black Eagles house!

Edelgard and Dorothea

Dorothea has easily entered “best girl” status for me currently in Three Houses, and she has a lot of fantastic support conversations within the Black Eagles group. Being the only commoner, Dorothea has to settle in with a house of nobles, and she knows how to bring in sass and truth bombs. Her support with Edelgard is rather casual and even unexpected.

Why unexpected? Dorothea sings. When I first got their C support, I was in awe with Dorothea’s singing, done by the talented Allegra Clark. In general, their C support starts slowly, explaining Edelgard’s goals as emperor and Dorothea flirting but also showing support for her.

Their B support conversation continues off with Dorothea singing (of course) and Edelgard coming in telling her she’s in good spirits. The former opera singer tells Edelgard that she met someone charming and hopes to spend more time with them soon. Their conversation then goes on about talking about romance. Dorothea has experience while Edelgard doesn’t, and it makes sense due to the latter’s upbringing. It’s an excellent overall continuation of their support conversation.

Their A-support conversation is truly something. It takes place in the time skip, and it starts with Dorothea receiving a gift from someone, but she can’t remember who it was from. Edelgard tells her that it is important to remember who gave her the present. Meanwhile, Dorothea has not been at her streak in finding suitors during this time.

Dorothea explains that talking with Edelgard helps ease her troubles of finding love. The emperor offers to help her out, but the singer tells her she’s fine. She then “threatens” to write and sing an opera about Edelgard, which is honestly adorable. I cannot say what does become of their ending as they are paired up with other characters (which I will get to soon), but I bet it is adorable and wholesome.