Most anticipated PS4 and Xbox One games for September 2019

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NBA 2K20 - Los Angeles Lakers
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NBA 2K20 – PS4, Xbox One – September 6

When it comes to basketball games, no one does it better than 2K. Another year, another installment in the award-winning basketball simulation series. And as per usual, 2K is looking to amp up their gameplay with NBA 2K20.

From presentation and animation improvements to the addition of 12 WNBA teams and six more historic teams (including the 2015-16 Cleveland Cavaliers), there’s a lot to look forward to in NBA 2K20.

Just about every game mode you already love is improved in some way, shape or form. MyCareer returns as one of the game modes with the ability to create a fully customized player and an even more in-depth storyline. MyGM is also back with a bigger focus on realism and cutscene interactions. MyLeague will offer more customization options. And MyTEAM builds upon the solid foundation of NBA 2K19 with improvements and features suggested by the community.

And let’s be honest, when it comes to overall gameplay, no one does it better than NBA 2K. There’s simply no other worthy competition, making this the must-have game for basketball fans.

Following a crazy offseason, which saw the fortunes for some teams change unexpectedly on a whim, NBA 2K20 emphasizes the league’s shift away from the “Big 3” formula. Emphasized this year is the new “Dynamic Duo,” with the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Lakers, and Kawhi Leonard and Paul George across town on the Clippers.

Like the NBA season itself, there’s a lot to look forward to with NBA 2K20.