Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Ferdinand and Bernadetta

Whenever Ferdinand does not declare out his name or status, he is a refreshing character for the Black Eagles. Like how I mention his role in his support with Dorothea, he will go the distance to make up for what he did wrong. His support with Bernadetta is a perfect example of fleshing him out as well as the timid archer.

In before the typical start of a support conversation tree with Bernadetta shrieking, Ferdinand talks to her on how she’s always cooped up in her room and wants to help her out. But Bernadetta insists she is not interested at all. When he mentions that he will have to pick her up, Bernadetta snaps and tells him to get lost.

The B support does not feature Ferdinand at all as he willingly stays outside of Bernadetta’s door so that she can have space. He also apologized for getting up on her space and reflected on what he’s done wrong. He was embarrassed to make Bernadetta do something she does not consent to, and the tone of his voice captures that.

And then we get what is easily the most inspiring and relatable quote from Bernadetta, “But the next day, I try again…because I know that one mistake doesn’t ruin everything.” Ferdinand says that it’s a graceful way to end a conversation, and it was perfectly timed as it ends after his words.

The A-support conversation is truly something special. The two reminisce how Ferdinand was originally engaged to someone. He describes what she does, such as never stepping outside her room and makes dolls. And by those hints, we are told that Bernadetta was initially arranged to be married to Ferdinand. But they friend-zoned each other as they talk about what was originally planned. But it ended in a light-hearted moment.

This support eventually goes full circle if these two have a paired ending together, which happened to me. It was a twist to discover that they were once betrothed, but it was very joyful to read their ending once I beat the Black Eagles route.