Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Caspar and Linhardt

Caspar and Lindhardt remind me of Ike and Soren from Fire Emblem 9 and 10, at least when it comes to their ending. Somehow a conversation about how one’s dad can beat their friend’s dad is interesting and charming to watch. For the C rank support, that is pretty much the gist of their conversation. It is a classic type of conversation for two guys who get along despite being complete opposites within Black Eagles.

Their B support starts with Caspar disappointed with not being able to defeat taller guys despite having more strength. Linhardt offers a secret plan, and it is to land the hit first and keep hitting them until they can’t anymore. The best part is to go for the knees, as the sleepy mage states. Then the two train together, but Lindhardt becomes extremely exhausted, which ends the B support.

Their A-support conversation has Linhardt watching Caspar getting ready to fight a taller man, and wouldn’t you know, is successful. Caspar credits Linhardt as well, which surprises him. But Caspar has a point since Linhardt did help out in strategic planning. The two then make a promise to stay alive during the war.

Strangely, even though I built up their support for completionist’s sake, I still got them in a paired ending where they travel together. Whether they are “together” or not is up for debate, but it’s all up to interpretation.