Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Petra and Dorothea

At the time of writing this, Petra and Dorothea’s support is by far my favorite from the Black Eagles route. This is an endearing and engaging support conversation I have witnessed in my first playthrough, and I am happy that I got these two paired in their ending. While Petra is a princess from Brigid, she is just as similar to Dorothea since they are not nobles from the Adrestian Empire.

Petra manages to rule Brigid with the help of Dorothea, and it is just heartwarming how Petra grew to love the singer the most. How did this come to be? Here’s the breakdown for the supports.

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Their C support showcases Dorothea at her kindest, complimenting Petra for being a princess and offering to help her cope with her homesickness with cooking. Petra admits to Dorothea that her cooking is pretty awful from what she heard. The singer offers the foreigner a massage instead, but she kindly declines. Haven’t I mentioned that Petra’s way of speaking is adorable?

The B support gets more interesting with Petra asking Dorothea why she enrolled at Garreg Mach even though she is a commoner. Dorothea wants to secure a future and marry money and has been trying to date countless men. Petra then makes the best statement to Dorothea by saying, “Money would be a bad husband.”

Dorothea might be known for truth bombs, but Petra took the cake and ate it with that one. But Petra does tell the singer that she is grateful for her kindness. They hope to continue their friendship, and both acknowledge they are “trouble” for the Empire due to their statuses.

Their A-support conversation explains how both of them are tired of the war and hoping for it to finish quickly. They quickly switch the subject regarding Petra’s hair and how it is a style that is passed on in her family. After some small banter, Petra confesses to Dorothea that she is precious to her.

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Dorothea is touched and then is offered by the princess to go to Brigid with her. She is happy with that and would like nothing more than to go with her. Since this is what eventually happened in my playthrough, it was very satisfying to have these two paired in the end.