Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Hubert and Bernadetta

Bernadetta might seem to be a typical anime-type character, with her gimmick shrieking when someone even tries to talk to her, her support with Hubert is funny then later heartwarming. To no one’s surprise, Bernadetta gets scared when Hubert talks to her until she recognizes him. Their C support features Hubert suggesting that it was Bernadetta embroidering at night, and claims she leaves him no choice.

Bernadetta runs away from him, but Hubert follows and continues to his “duty.” Then all of a sudden, the timid archer faints while standing up, which is kind of sad but hilarious at the same time.

Their next conversation, which goes into C+, starts with Bernadetta thanking Hubert for helping her when she passed out. Then it goes to how Hubert can be terrifying, and he even acknowledges it. And then Bernadetta gets all antsy at being tricked by him and runs off. This slightly disappointed me even though it’s how the archer acts, but thankfully, the B support saves this from being a letdown.

Bernadetta apologizes to Hubert, and he accepts it, though casually. She believes that Hubert was avoiding her due to how she behaves when he’s near. However, she wants to master her fear, so Hubert laughs “manically” to help out.

Their A-support conversation is one of the sweetest we have seen from both Hubert and Bernadetta’s supports. The latter has grown a lot and overcome most of her fears, and gifts Hubert an embroidered flower. Even though Hubert states that it doesn’t suit him, he still wears it. Bernadetta does still get scared, but at the very least she won’t run in terror.