Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Edelgard and Hubert

When it comes to leader/retainer relationships in Fire Emblem, they usually display the loyalty of the retainers and how grateful their leaders are. For Edelgard and Hubert, this cannot be further from the truth. They do represent the relationship of leader and retainer within Black Eagles well, but there are twists and turns in this support conversation.

Their C support starts with Edelgard talking to Hubert on what it would have been like if he was not her retainer. Hubert assures her that he would still serve her regardless, which worries Edelgard a bit. This is what I call a slow burn for when their next conversation is available.

Their B support explains that Hubert was only six when he first met Edelgard, her being four. He also explains that his father scolded him several times of being Edelgard’s servant. This reveals that Hubert wasn’t Edelgard’s retainer by choice, but rather, was drilled in the head to serve and protect her with his life. Despite this, he does hold a lot of feelings towards Edelgard, mostly positive, as he went to find her when she was taken to the Kingdom of Faerghus with her uncle.

Hubert was also hiding something from Edelgard, and if you choose to, can unlock it in their A support. Speaking of which, it is honestly wholesome despite being at war. He is still keeping secrets from Edelgard and from then on, reveals he is in love with someone, that being Edelgard all along.

I adore these two together, and their ending is conventional, yet tender. It makes this support pretty heartbreaking if turned out to be onesided, but I was happy to get these two paired up.