Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Petra and Caspar

At first, I was not too keen on Caspar, but watching his supports, especially with Petra, really made me like him as a character within the Black Eagles. Their C support starts generic, but then we get the ultimate tea where Caspar reveals to Petra that his father, a general in the empire, killed Petra’s father. This intrigued me, even further when the Brigid princess does not hold a grudge against Caspar for what happened.

As the support goes on, Caspar tells Petra that she should have hated him for the fact that his father killed hers. He also explains that if it were the reverse, he would never be able to forgive her. Petra wants to train with him, but Caspar is still bothered by the result of their fathers’ battle. Petra assures him that it was their parents’ circumstance and that Caspar was never involved, so she couldn’t hate him. But the conflict would continue if the situation is brought up.

Their A support comes to closure, but with Petra tricking Caspar into actually wanting revenge for Caspar’s father killing hers. But she has a wish deeper than that: to keep on being friends with Caspar and survive and fight together. Both come to terms that losing each other would break their hearts. Starting from their A support, they will be honest with each other.

If these two weren’t paired with two other characters from my playthrough, I absolutely would ship them together. Despite their fathers’ conflict with one ending up killed, how they handled it was exciting and incredible.