Three Houses: 10 best Black Eagles support conversations

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Hubert and Caspar

Strangely enough, Hubert has a lot of hilarious and savage support conversations. An example of an amusing conversation is with him and Caspar. Their C rank is what you’d expect from a cold and calculating mage and a hyper and loud brawler: amazingly entertaining. As usual with Hubert, he observes his conversation partner in silence until they notice him. Hubert criticizes Caspar for always shouting before attacking, but the latter explains that’s his usual getup.

How does Hubert respond? Being so blunt that it could hurt someone’s feelings. While Caspar does get offended, he claims he can control himself. In their B support, which is their last conversation, Hubert comments on Caspar being quiet. As Caspar states, he did it for Hubert.

In Hubert’s case, Caspar does realize that his yelling can get him into trouble. But then the mage does a complete 180: he tells the brawler that his shouting is viable. It is a good thing as Caspar’s battle cries help morale, as Hubert says. Caspar was silent until he starts yelling, claiming he’s back.

And honestly, this was a fun conversation to enjoy and hearing Benjamin Diskin’s portrayal of Caspar gave me a ton of laughs.